Good morning!!!!

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Good Morning!!!! 47F @ 5:00AM here in Yankee Hill. Partly cloudy skies. High 63F. Winds light and variable.

Took a quick look at Temu a while back, Ted, and it seemed too good to be true. Sure enough, lots of reviews claiming the stuff is junk; knock offs made poorly. Hope your order works out, though.

Found a few mouse nests as I've been taking things apart in the garage, Drew. No food out there, so they're just trying to get in out of the weather. I use snap traps in the house baited with chunky peanut butter. I've had to adjust a couple of the Victor traps to get them to trip more easily.

Been a long time since I cooked a turkey, but the one I fixed for Thanksgiving still came out OK. I didn't have a rack to get it up out of the juices, so the bottom didn't brown, and was even a little under cooked. There was plenty of white meat to go around, though, and the drum sticks were fine. Tons of other dishes, everyone was stuffed. Lots of left overs, too.

Hope everyone's week got off to a good start...
For future reference, whether it is turkey, duck, goose, roast beef/pork, you can cut carrots lengthwise and rest the meat on them. Potatoes work good, too. I don't have a rack either.
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Bill, they are allegedly self draining to a low point and I have already opened all the valves.
but water gets stuck in traps. So yes about an hour ago I poured the first of three gallons of pink stuff in the drains and toilet.
then later today will work on the part under the bed; that's my only concern. Pump has a suction fitting for pink stuff, just sucks from gallon bottle instead
of fresh water tank. So that will get done. And the hot water heater anode. Found the special wrench for that which Popgadget customized for me.

the only thing I won't do is pour pink stuff in the fresh water tank. I have an air adapter plumbing fitting I might use on that line.

cleaning lady never showed up, thought it was next week. Fine.

one of the few bushes that looks almost as good going to the trash pile as when new.
then I worked on the blackberries, thorns got me a couple of times, but that's all happily residing in the woods now


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35F windy, sun and snow showers. I had a productive afternoon yesterday hauling logs. Hauling the bigger pieces out in the woods may be a challenge. Two weeks ago the fields were dry as dust now they are a little wet. Leaving tracks on the lane. Saw a 6 point buck watching me from the edge of the woods. He looked nervous. I was a little nervous too. Some times it can be a little hard to tell a guy on a red tractor from a deer. I had my orange vest on. My wife put the Christmas lights up on the bushes in front of the house. She loves Christmas.

Take care.

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Good Morning Again,
Mike Z, thank you for the German drinking song !;)

Frits, I was determined to get the wheels off of the truck, before I started I squirted some WD40 in between the wheel and the hubs. I slightly loosened all the lugs and backed up and down my DW while stepping on the brakes pretty hard. Well that worked for the front wheels but not the rears ! I ended up using my scissor jack in between the rim and leaf spring to pop the rear wheels. After I got the wheels off I smeared some grease on the mating surface, so we will see how that works out next time ! Anyways I got it done on a pretty cold day with the wind blowing, so not ideal temp for this sort of work !

Time to go, wife is sending me on a grocery expedition, so I need to get it in gear !

Have a good day !
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66°F and no rain

Another great happy hour gathering in town yesterday. A chance to raise a glass to recently departed member. RIP, Joyce.

Overcast this morning with promise of a bit of rain, but if dry I hope to get her the BX back in operation.

Prayers for all
Be safe
Have a day
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I use air to blow the water out of my camper plumbing lines. open one faucet at a time with air pressure on. This is after draining the hot water tank and putting the plug back in. I use less than a gallon of pink antifreeze for the traps, kitchen sink, bath sink, shower are the only traps. Make sure the toilet valve gets flushed with air, I forgot one year and it froze. Also the outside faucet. ON the house Disconnect water hoses from hose bibs, and I disconnect and drain the Eley hose reel.
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Compelling resume can open doors for people seeking to enhance their job or new jobs
she got this as a gift and will be using it. COMPELLING RESUMES
I had no idea editing would get - that expensive. I guess a drop in the bucket if one is determined to break away from the pack.

chatGPT can help too. One should cover all angles when looking for the next step in the career path.

Your daughter has done well. Public service, too! Good for us all.
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Also talking about making me go into the office at least one day a week. At 2.5 hours each way into downtown Manhattan and $32/day for train and $6/day for subway, it gets expensive fast.
not to mention risk to life and limb. . .
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Good morning everyone. Zero degrees, going up to 23. brrrr. Just after I hit the remote start for the Jeep (to go), I get a call from the dentist that their hygenist called in sick and needed to reschedule. Didn't really want to go anyway... I got a blower fan for my wood stove. I ordered it last Wed and it showed up yesterday. It's made in Wisconsin and was for my model stove (Avalon 1750) and the stove had the threaded holes already. Bolted right up. I did not use the temp sensing switch, since that did not fit tight in the underside area, so I just turn it on/off with the supplied variable speed switch. The switch has magnets to keep it in place, on a not-so-hot baffle part of the exterior. Works WAYYYY better than the box fan, which I'd been using for the two years I've been here.
I have a 6” 120VAC muffin fan from an ancient desktop computer power supply that I point at our woodstove to distribute the heat, in addition to the Caframo on top.