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Are the parents ready to give up their daughter?

Likely that’s how the Mom sees it. Hopefully our son knows better. We have never portrayed her parents in a negative manner, but we have tried to expand her view at times. When he went off to college, he chose a community college and lived with Sophie’s sister’s family in New Jersey while we were still stationed in Germany. We suggested our GD discuss his experience as part of her decision making.
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Good evening all. Saturday morning 60ºF for the start, mostly clear sky, light wind. Windy 20-30 mph, partly to mostly cloudy sky, and high temp was 7ºF, Bike ride to start day, had up to 7 riders, I did 49 miles had to go home early to make it to live stream. Live stream went well, started too early. made it home for nap, then to fellow rider's house for BBQ chicken and several types of sausages. Got home 10 PM too late to post.
Sunday 60ºF for the start, mostly clear sky, light breeze. Not as windy, sky clouded up late afternoon, and high temp was 82ºF.
made coffee to start day, chapel setup, then chapel, then breakfast with group. After I got home, cleaned up north sidewalk and front front porch of leaves and catkins. Lunch, nap and Volagi bike maintenance, fix flat, still trying to get rear brake not to drag. :(
Friday night posts 10PM CDT posts:
Dennis nice pic
Kyle don't know what to say about the Brenham situation, so I won't say anything. As far as spanking in school, wont help the not trying, but not passing them might help. Congrats on son mailing student of the month.
Bill glad you got your new tank. Hope you can finish the install soon.
Randy(wag) Hope the wetter weather results in more grass for horses. Glad good meeting in Ross. Enjoy your upcoming seat time
Saturday morning 3:40 AM CDT post:
Ron hope weeding went well. Hope shop cleanup went well. Pretty bird.
Helo glad you got your new car. Sounds like a action packed schedule. Happy birthday to twins. Sorry about the poor choice vs worse choice. To bad no energy conservation :(
Bill sorry about more snow. Hope rain stopped soon enough to get 4X4s buried and tank pics.
Buppies sorry about potential return of cold weather. prayers sent.
Thomas hope not too much rain. Hope you were able to get some outside work done.
Drew enjoy your quiet day. Hope dinner went well as the tray of party favor. Hope tinnitus does ok in noise.
Mike sorry about day with lawyers and bankers. Good to hear daughter has a hookup for RV.
Scott(vt) sorry bird watch not your cup of tea. Hope dinner was good.
Don glad guys won. Good to hear PT now will help surgery recovery. Hope Hike was good and back yard is mowed.
Drew thanks for story.
Ken Hope neighbor decides to work with you on driveway. Hope trees quit dying and falling, and you were able to get the yard and pool stuff. Hope dinner was good. nice pic
Bill hope snow melts quick. Hope you can finish install and get pics soon.
Dennis were you able to check out circuit board om pellet stove? Hope you can get stove ready for winter. Sorry about wind.
Paul glad you got plasma done except for trials. Nice bottle opener and pics. Sorry about no outside party for GS. Hope dinner was good, and outside part soon.
David glad your cars not waterlogged. May have given GD a bit to chew on. Hope dealer pone called goes well.
RS glad less rain in forecast but sounds cool temp wise for the garden. Hopr YT session was informative and entertaining. Sorry you got yourself in trouble ;) Hope progress is made on mowing and spraying.
David hope you can find cause of stall.
Kile nice lookin soft taco.
Kyle hope tennis with son was good.
Scott(vt) nice group shot, hard to tel how big wavs are in secon pic.
Kyle is daughter going to take job offer? Nice it is a short commute with some good fringe benefits.
Don sorry snakes messed with hike plans. Hope the "kids" were fun to watch.
Billy hope new puppy works out, congrats. Sorry no mowing. I assume no turkey.
Randy(wag) hope church was good.
Dennis you both look good for 227 years of marriage ;) Too bad no jack-hammer for backhoe. nice pic
Mike check fuel bowel for water, you can get water build up over winter. Sorry your mower took lessons from David's tractor. I have frozen catfish in freezer, may have to try that.
Sunday 12:36 AM CDT posts:
Fuddy had paper towel used as gas cap on car get stuffed into tank with predictable results. Had to drop the fuel tanks to clean it out.
Ron glad most of weeding done. Hope spring cleaning went well, and A/C worked. nice pic.
Billy labs do love attention.
Phil sorry arthritis acting up. Happy birthday to nephew. Hope hear aids work out. Nice woodwork :)
Newbury thanks for story.
Thomas hope you got some gravel back into driveway.
Drew Velveeta does make good mac and cheese :) Hope nephew does good job with planter. Hope omelette was good.
Plowhog enjoy the goslings, When granddaughter was growing up the geese would harass her, so were had to keep close eye on her when goslings around. Foxes or some other critter typically made short work of them.
Scott(vt) sorry LI trip over. Good luck getting some rocker time soon.
Paul bet that was a funny as Newbury's dog try to keep toddler from stealing it's treat.
Bill sounds like good plan of attack, hope it executes well.
Paul nice to hear only three tries to get kerf width correct. Good to hear GS had good birthday. Hope lunch plans worked out.
Buppies hope progress was made.
Ken hope new tree and bushes work out. Glad yard and pool stuff picked up. Nice pic
Two_bit hope not as windy as it was here. Glad getting rid of mountain laurel will make mowing easier. Hope you got eat catfish with son today.
David glad nice departing celebration. Glad dogs area mowed. Sorry granddaughter has closed down. Hope she make th most of her opportunity.
Dennis good to hear son could led worship. Good to hear good lunch.
David good stories. Must have been a sight, 6 boxers playing lifeguard with granddaughter in pool :)
Drew no glue factory ! Sorry pollen messing with you.
Kyle thanks for recap of son's sports activity and success. Good advice with the girls. Sorry no retire until 71.
RS sorry about the active weather. Sorry you wife took all the straw of the strawberry plants. Glad you had some material to protect the plants. Glad all the strawberry work may pay off. Glad the deer finally scared off.
Don glad pickle ball was fun. Did not know there were indoor and outdoor balls.
Thomas glad you could keep rake moving not surprised early pillow time.
Randy hope phone calls successful.
Kyle good luck with plasma cutter. glad you got to play more tennis with son.
David good luck with granddaughter, hope she makes a good decision.
prayer for all, especially Jay/Peg, Kyle /Daughter, /mom's breathing, /son's migraines, Bird /aging issues, Ron /heart, Billy /mom hypertension & congestive heart failure, David(moss) /remodel, /divorce, Buppies /cancer, parathyroid,blood sugar /wife healing, Thomas /gout, Phil /reflux, Frits /veteran son with mental issues, /granddaughter with Evans Syndrome, Ken /dad possible dementia, /chronic fatigue, Diet not working, Steppenwolfe /son-auto immune disorder, Grev /wife's eye, Ted /knee recovery, /retirement & disability red tape, /family issues, Lou /eye issues, /heart issues, /wife hip replacement, Doug and wife/health issues, / hand nerve and surgery, /fall and recovery, / wife headaches and heart eval, / David(sadamo)/Sophie's hip or leg pain, Scaredy/shoulder dislocation, /marriage dissolving, / friend stop drinking, Dennis /retirement, /neighbor issues, /land development, /favorable winds not in the forecast there, /dad surgery recovery, Drew /back operation issues, /friend's wife cancer diagnosis and recovery, Scotty /back pain, Helogabals /wife's friend situation, Fatjay /father broken hip, Israel, Ukraine war, and Country.


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65 outside right now. Heading to lower 80's. Wide awake so... LOL. Mowers all better. Replaced fuel filter that came in Sunday at 5AM. Finished yards up and then broke out weed whacker and push mower to finish up. Looks like grass cutting has started in earnest. When the sun comes up guess I will find something to do.

Hope all have a great day. Be safe.
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Coffee is brewing. 42° with cloudy skies this morning. Heading to 70° with sunny skies. Weather was great yesterday. Finished garden weeding. Brought cleaning supplies out of cellar. Got Mule pressure washed. Did not get other 3 pieces of equipment done. Will do one a day this week. Today will do lawnmower tractor. Grass is growing fast. Will need to mow grass by the weekend.

Everyone stay safe and well.

Good Morning All.
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Mostly, the boxers lifeguards were a sight. Always two, sometimes 3 on the sides closest to her as she moved. Boxers aren’t waterdogs, but we took time with each as puppies to introduce them to swimming and knowing where the steps were. As such I still doubted they might attempt a rescue.
One nice sunny day, I happened to glance down and noticed something on the floor of the deep end. As I was just wearing shorts I dove in to retrieve it. Imagine my surprise just as I reach the object I sense a splash immediately above me. I look up to find my boy Flash headed down. Yes, he had his swim training, but he was also muscle, no fat, was sinking like a rock. Fortunately we were near the side ladder so while I was able to grab him with one hand I was also able to grab the ladder. I never doubted any of the girls could attempt a rescue.

I knew Flash to be a sinker as this was my 2nd save. One evening shortly after the 2nd litter was born, we had them outside while doing puppy cleanup. Flash got a good dose of cane toad and stumbled into the pool, headed for the bottom of shallow end. I immediately jumped in to save him. This save cost me the iphone that was in my pocket. It never recovered. Thankfully, Flash did. Always kept liquid benedryl handy in case of toad licking. Bufo toads are very toxic, even deadly to smaller animals.
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Good morning, the low is 33 and going up to 54°F. Wind SSW 6 mph. 40% chance of showers.

Final resting place. Just sorted the stuff out behind it. I still need to install the gauge, whistle and pump. Post holes for the hose reel get dug today.

Have a safe day all


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good morning all
some of you guys are up too early....

should be a nice warm day today, high in upper 70's.
unfortunately my day is consumed by having my molar pulled out this afternoon.
This morning going to work on thinning out the lettuce.
not sure the beans and cukes will make it, they took a lot of leaf damage but yesterday's heat
seemed to perk them up. I cut off some dead leaves and have fingers crossed.
my Burpee order should be in soon, some peppers and tomatoes.
once they are planted, will go to local nursery and fill in the remainder.

so much pollen out, even after showering last night my eyes were all gooped up this morning, you wake up with
this crusty mess. I have to take an allergy pill each morning or I'd be sneezing all day.
lawn here growing like mad. Successfully reached lawn guy, he will start weedeating for me next week, comes every two weeks.
Weedeater is very hard on my hands and wrists, glad to give that job away. Am happy riding the mower; this time of year lawn gets cut at least twice a week.

Funny, I'm at this garden party Sat night and boy did lawns get a thumbs down. Lawns and lawn pesticides, seems to be the enemy of pollinators.
Saw a good presentation on bugs, why they were so important. When I mentioned my last farm had ten acres of lawn, that didn't go over well...
I love lawn, the long sweep of green. But.....natural is better, has to be at least supplemented by pollinator flowers and shrubs.
I think it's what you are used to. Farm I grew up on had about eight acres of lawn and I had to mow it.
I always figured that lawn was just another plant.

my current lawn is about half weeds, and now that Lesser Celandine, that invasive yellow weed, is creeping across my lawn from across the street.
takes a huge amount of herbicides apparently to get rid of it. Think I might go try to just dig it up while the flowers are blooming. Once flowers go away it sort of blends in and just keeps spreading. It's everywhere around here.

going to take a happy pill later and go get tortured. It's what dentists do best.