Good morning!!!!

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Morning all;
It's a beautiful day outside at this time. Almost 60F and the sun is shining, maybe it will dry things out a bit.
Sure could stand that right now. Out and about a bit this morning into town for a blood draw, then went and got a haircut and the truck washed. Noticed that they are going to be putting in a new Harbor Freight store over in Wilton/Saratoga. Just a bit closer to me only about a short 45 minutes away going west, now I have a long 45 minutes north or south to get to one.
Nice thing about being in the middle of everything 45-60 minutes and you are at anyplace you need :)
All stay safe and get well
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beautiful day 68 going to 73

Doing a lot of cleanup in the barn and the new work space on the lower level

Pedernales river can flood. We were wondering why it had sirens all over and then found out why when it flooded within minutes and we had to scramble to get out
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67°F and .59 inches rain.

Now sporting a new temporary crown after 2 hours in dental chair. Just may have been my best dental experience ever. The new dentist and her assistant were fabulous. No pain or discomfort, not even the needle. Worst part was my back aching. Lots of new high tech since my last procedure.

Enjoyed a beer after walking over to Happy Hour.

Supposed to get phone call from my tractor tech today. Sure hoping for good news.

Prayers for all
Be safe
Have a great day
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needed to come in and sit.
got the greenhouse completely cleaned out, now I have to figure out what to do with it.
then a friend came by with another super talkative friend from Vermont I've never met and we talked cars and rvs, so
not hard to do. He was about to pick up his first rv. I didn't have the heart to tell him it was one of the lower quality
units out there. But I did make sure he packs a tool kit and emergency tape.
they left finally, now headed back out to thin the lettuce.

sadly must report the cukes and beans aren't looking so good.
first I thought they were, then they weren't, then they were and now I see white leaves.
guess I'll be buying them locally in a few weeks. I bet a few make it, that's how life is usually.

fingers crossed for good call on tractor David.
are you being extra nice to Sophie so you can use her tractor? ;)

Lou you sound a little remote. Where I'm guessing is exactly where you want to be.
I think the primary determinant, particularly when you get older, is how far you are from a good hospital.
We all need medical care.
and I guess it would be nice to not have the ice cream melt before you get home...
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I bought a new 10k pound trailer yesterday ($5200) which is replacing the 3 year old 7500# Sure Trac. Now I can carry the Allis to shows and hunting place (food plot work).

Thunderstorms here today. Welcome rain, but not the hail and possible tornado(s). Jeep got put inside.
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Years ago we got new washer and dryer. Put the old ones out on the main road with a big FREE sign. Neighbor called me and said somebody had the nerve to put an old washer and dryer out on the street, I said I would go look at it ;).
Well when I got out there they were gone and there was 20 ft of skid marks where the taker saw the sign. :LOL:
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Dump/town run done and another 15 bags of quickcrete post hole cement acquired and laid in the hole. When you dig a post hole with a BH and 16" bucket, you make a pretty big hole. Didn't go the full 6' deep but close at 5'. Still below the frost line. Used some busted concrete blocks to steady the 4x4s. 14 bags went in yesterday and an additional 15 bags today Could have used an additional 10 bags to crown it up. I will top off the hole in about a week with gravel. Then install a third 4x4 between the cemented in ones as a spacer. (There is a short one buried in the cement to act as a spacer at the bottom.) The hole spacing on the bracket for the hose reel is 7.5". I will use 7/16 threaded rod to hold everything together and the hose reel on to the posts.
My knees and back are protesting now.

The neighbour had a widow maker come down, just missed her house and well. Tomorrow I will go over there and remove the tree for her.
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Good Afternoon,
Bill, sounds like you are doing a diligent job on this tank pad install ! Need some pics of finished product !

You reminded me its time to get a jug of cranberry juice as proactive.
TBS, I like the low calorie Cranberry/Pomegranate and mix with some water and ice ! It tastes good and only getting up once per night ! Not sure if it will get any better than that !

Paul, good luck on learning Auto Cad Fusion ! I remember back in the early 90’s trying to learn Auto Cad ! It was a lot to learn, but very powerful software !

Hope all have a good evening! 🙏
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having trouble again, with windows photo app won't download pictures from the Iphone. I use that app as when working, it does an import, not a copy of the pictures. copy changes the date to the current date. Found you you can go to the phone directory when attached to windows, do a right click and select an import, and it imported every photo again. It retains the proper date, but it took hours. You can only do the import from the Iphone root directory, going to a month folder does not have the import option.
removed 3 pieces of landscape fabric from the garden and used it under my stone behind the barn. Got it covered with stone, so half done. Came out 12 ft from barn. Used big tractor to move the stone, and the BX to level it out. Also leveled out the dirt I put in the low spot out near the road, and also hauled a few more buckets of dirt. it's not perfect smooth but close. Should have dragged it.
also clipped a few more forsythia with the chainsaw. The battery saw is so nice.
took BH off the BX. Had to beef up the BH dolly a little with a bolt, but need one more.
While typing this, had the import utility running again. It takes awhile to go thru and figure out how many pictures, but in the end it said there were only 12 new pictures since this morning, and only had to import the 12. This looks like the new way I will import from the Iphone, only down side is I need to keep all the photos in one large directory or else it will probably download them all again. The plus side, I had already ran the script to date the pictures, and it still only got the 12 new. Also, I'm doing the import on my 2nd SS drive, so on a 2nd physical drive. .