Good morning!!!!

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Good Morning!!!! 56F @ 1015AM still here in Orcutt, CA. Cloudy skies this morning will become partly cloudy this afternoon. High around 65F. Winds W at 10 to 15 mph.
Cloudy enough to be a fine mist, dripping off the porch covers and making puddles.

Began unloading Friday, three pieces of large power equipment and a bunch of stuff from the van because I was looking for the Makita drill/impact driver. Never did find it, and suppose I left it up north. Last thing was the big compressor, moved to back porch but didn't have enough height on the porch cover beams to get the compressor upright. Neighbor across the street brought his engine hoist over Saturday and had it dangling in the air in minutes. Nothing like having a friendly neighbor with the right tool for the job.

A little dog walking rounded out Saturday, then we drove up Figueroa Mountain looking for wildflowers. Only saw a sprinkling, a far cry from last year's superbloom, but still a nice drive.

Poked around the shops in Los Olivos. Mostly tourist trap stuff, but did find a decent leather belt in a western shop for a reasonable price, so it followed me home. Once there moved some plants to new homes so I can get rid of the rusting and leaking planters out front. Stuff is piling up, and now I'm thinking about having a garage sale on Saturday.

Slab of salmon on the grill for dinner, marinated in Yashida's overnight. Meat candy; mmmm!

More unpacking today will be about it.

Hope everyone's week gets started in the right direction...
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did some food shopping, came home and mowed the lawn
that wore me out, time for a nap
very nice day out today

RNG, nice to have a friendly neighbor with a hoist!
I bet you have moved a lot of stuff

a glass of sugary gingerale and a couple of prescribed cortisone pills and I felt
100 percent better. Still not much of an appetite, but outlook is good

Buppies, I'm with you on the fish choices
I do like salmon but I have to barbecue it (like RNG) which seems to make it a little less oily
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Good Morning! Clouds are gone and it's another bright sunny day! Cool and beautiful. 60F and might get to 70F.

Lots going on with EV starting today for Texas Uniform Elections, School Boards, ESD's, Municipal offices, etc.

Hope everyone has a geat day! Stay safe and well and enjoy some ice cream!
Prayers for our Nation!
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I like steamed oysters, cat fish, flounder, trout, bass, soft shell crab
I have stopped eating raw oysters in favor of grilled or charbroiled oysters. I found some worms in a plate of raw oysters a few years ago and can't eat them since.
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Slab of salmon on the grill for dinner, marinated in Yashida's overnight
Salmon is delicious but a pound of boiled shrimp is better. Fried shrimp, grilled shrimp, shrimp gumbo, shrimp eautoffee, crab stuffed shrimp, it's all good!
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37 outside right now. Heading to lower sixties.

Bad day yesterday for a neighbor. I am sort of overwhelemed at the moment and yesterday proved just how crazy things are are around here. I was working on recovering some barn wood off an old outbuilding when I heard someone yelling. I thought
that to be odd, so I looked around in that general direction, saw nothing. Neighbors in that direction are about 1/2 mile away. The yelling stopped, then started again, this time accompanied by another voice. OK, now I figure it's a bad argument.
Unfortunate there are multiple party issues over that direction, but hey...something is not right. Then I see all the horses on the fence line. All the horse are pointed, looking at the back pasture. Then coming around the barn, I see it. Massive blaze.
I text my wife, call 911, my phone starts ringing...multiple neighbors calling. I bolt inside, grab the truck keys and down to blaze direction I go. I hear the fire crews already on the way as I go down the driveway, and another county fire truck wizzes by me as I leave. I get there and make sure everyone is accounted for. I spend some time with the one neighbor who is directly beside the burned out detached garage. Thank goodness it was not a house. But the house sustained major damage too on the back end.
I stayed for about an hour just easing the one neighbors anxiety. The one with the fire was being questioned the whole time by the authorities. Turns out he had a crack in his chimney and he was not in the building when he noticed smoke coming out the garage side.
When he investigated, opening the door, it flashed.

Upon returning home, I resumed my recovery work, gave the horses something else to think about and briefed the wife. Then I set about
making a dump run, getting gas, trying not to think about crap. I even hopped on the ZTR and finished the yards and pasture fence lines.

My wife and her sisters engaged in hundreds of texts identifying items at my FIL's for clean out and auction. Looks like I will have to spend sometime down there going through his junker equipment and vehicle collections. Wife wants to relocate the stuff here and sell it.
I kind of backed off that idea as probably 3/4's of it does not run and I would have to make at least 15 trips for the equipment alone.
Since my Dad's estate is in limbo again, looks like that time will be spent at the FIL's.

In the early evening the one beer went down really smooth as we watched the sun break out and just enjoyed each others company.

I hope all have a good start to the work week, be safe, those ailing, hope you feel better.
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Yup that's heck of day for sure. :oops:
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Good Afternoon,
I made the brackets for the walk in freezer’ new condensing unit, I rethought using stainless angle and used perforated galvanized instead.
Paul, nice pic with your grandson !
I second the vote on the perforated galvanized stock ! I put some lengths of that stuff out on the ground behind the shed, and it still hasn’t rusted ! That stuff is tough !

Mike, so sorry to hear about your neighbor!

Have a good afternoon!
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I rode with my son the hour into work at 6AM, so decided to drive back home rather than wait 8 hrs there for him. Came home and went back to bed for awhile. So nothing done today, had to go back and get him. Saw remains of a couple accidents, and someone almost hit me on I70 coming home tonight, they were doing the speeding and lane cutting and almost got the front of me. But we are home safe.
Nice day out.
Talked to my lawyer friend, who lives in WV, about the realtor stuff. He suggested I get a different realtor to submit the offer, or use an attorney to do it. I also have an email into the local Health Dept about the Perc Test, and asking if it is valid. The paperwork the realtor showed me does not even have the address on it, just info for 3 perc holes, and the name of the person who did the test.
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44F steady wind out of the north mid 20's over night.

Finally got 3 projects done needed breaks inside to warm up tho. 🙄

Plans for the evening...recliner slowly enjoy lemon cake with vanilla ice cream watch something interesting on youtube.

Enjoy your evening all.