Good morning!!!!

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Good morning, the low is a tad chilly at 17 and going to a high of 46°F. Wind NE 2 mph. Sunny!

Dodge isn't home yet so I will not be getting the bushing and stack pipe I need, yet. Oil guy is coming today to fill up the house tank. I sealed the fill hole AND the slop box cover on the 500 G tank, so there no mistaken the fact that the big tank is not in service yet. When I get the big tank fully in service, then I will get a pic of it and make that my avatar.

94 inches around works out to about 29-30" diameter, if my math is correct.
You really cannot expect anybody that writes the news to get anything right. Sensationalism sells.

rs, what are you going to treat the cedar post with to prevent more damage to it by termites?

Have a safe day all
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Drinking cup of hot coffee. 23° with clear skies this morning. Heading to 55° with sunny skies. Got some paper work completed yesterday. Even made a coupe of customer service calls with very understanding people. Will have to wait and see if problems are cured. Grocery shopping this morning. Then have a couple of small lathe projects in the shop. Lots of new to do items got put on list over the last few days while my foot heals.
Did not get a full moon picture until this morning. 98% will have to do.

Mostly, hope BIL treatment solves his health problems.

David, hope you are feeling better.

Drew, todays temperature is why no garden planting happens here until Memorial Day weekend.

Everyone stay well and safe.

Good Morning All.
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Clear sky, almost full bright moon.
0 to 30F. Almost no wind.
And that's the problem for the local grape and tender fruit guys.
Apricots and Japanese plums are past peak bloom and prone to frost.
Same with the fancy wine grapes.
The wind machines are running all over the area trying to stir up the air and to stop the frost from settling.
Any Vietnam vets and Vietnamese must be having flashbacks as they sound like low level helicopters all over the place.
Surely people living close to the towers will be red eyed getting up this morning and complaining.
Hey! You're the one that got taken in by the Real Estate agent romancing you about life amongst the orchards and vineyards.
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22F clear sky low 50's for high...made ice overnight again. 🙄

Outside chores done E muffin time. :)
Plans for today...8 hours at part store afterwards stop for critter food,not sure about the evening. :unsure:

Enjoy your day all.
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53 creeping up to 59.

Ron, 98% is good enough for me. Pretty.

Mostly, sorry about your BIL. Hope the radiation works.

Massey, we had an apricot for many years...we got fruit about one out of 5 years because of how early they bloomed before last frost.

Ran the brush blade long enough yesterday to use two full tanks of gas. Also, mowed with the zero for 2 hours, so was plenty tired and pollen-y by end of day. Weather man just said now that tree pollen is winding down, grass pollen is in high gear.

Big Mama, our resident black snake, apparently got the wren nest in the barn, so they built a new one on our screened porch in the croquet mallet barrel. We've had to stop using the porch, which was my primary ingress/egress.
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good morning all
a chilly 41 in Quakertown PA going up to low 50's today and much colder tonight. Winter has not yet left...
rv stayed warm with one electric heater on high so coffee pot dinged and time to wake up

I expect to head home around 9am.

great moon pic Ron
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46 high of 69 today long day yesterday but it’s over on to next job.

Prayers for bIL mostly prayers for sodamo all others silent or spoken our Country