Good morning!!!!

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Uber is waiting for passenger. Was going to have him drive himself, but I’m not doing anything so might as well ride along again.
Wife went to help her mom for a few days.
Breakfast with the crew is today, might make it back to drive 45 minutes the other direction.
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23F clear sky mid 50's for high.

Outside chores done E muffin time.
Plans for today... 4 hours at part store afterwards stop for critter food,afternoon project 35' metal divider grass from pee stone this will be p.i.t.a :oops:

Enjoy your day all.
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Oh, more frustration with pictures from iPhone. Discovered some with wrong dates, so found how to reset so computer would pull all of them again. Takes awhile to transfer 13k pictures, but got them with the right dates this time.
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Wife took son to airport this morning. He was home on leave. Short visit but we were able to see him on his 25th birthday.
I had my shoulder replaced yesterday. Had a great experience with the entire medical team at UVA ortho. It’s gonna be cool most of today, topping out mid 60’s. Im gonna try to go for a walk if my keepers allow it. New goat barn ( tube steel building). Is scheduled to go in early next week. I scheduled a week off from work after surgery and2 days before. I was still working the day before till 3 pm and my boss wants to know when I’ll be back in the saddle. I can hear my work phone buzzing with teams messages. I’m blessed to have a good job. But could stand to be missed just a bit less.
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42 outside this Am, heading to lower 60's.

Nothingness on the agenda today. Will putz around and see what I can get into.

Hope all have a great start to the weekend in a few hours, LOL.

Be safe. Those in need, positive and may you find solace.
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Good Morning,
Plant City, Fl. , 60 to start going to 88 ! Kathleen and I will need to get in a walk early with a prediction of 88 later today !

Had a nice dinner last night with my BIL Terry ! He made some broccoli bread as an appetizer and then we had chicken pompadora sp? for the main course. It was great for Kathleen to reminisce with him since we see him very infrequently!

Not sure of plans for today but I’m sure it will be a good day ! 🙏

Bill, hope you get all the issues taken care of on the truck ! Without breaking the bank !

Hope all have a blessed and safe day !🙏
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good morning all
35 going up to 65 today in bright sun, should be a nice day

Woodchuck, hope your shoulder heals quickly. Mine didn't so hope yours does...surprising how it restricts
what you do.

have errands to run this morning, might stop and get some more veggie plants. But not planting until Sunday.
no more frozen veggies... :rolleyes:

old greenhouse is gone and place cleaned up, now to find a replacement.
Next week will drive back up to Quakertown and find that shed place.

Buppies, keep sending that warm weather North please.
frost on the roof this morning, hopefully the last.


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Good morning! A warm muggy 73˚ only heading to the upper 70s, cloudy with S winds and a chance of thunderstorms.

Woodchuckdad, glad your surgery turned out well, I'm looking at getting mine replace also I'm doing PT before. Will you be starting your physical therapy? When will you see an improvement in range of motion without pain? When will you be able to drive again?

Nothing pressing on the agenda today, I can enjoy the rain.

I had to check the forecast after Buppies heat warning, our temps next week are just supposed to be in the mid 80s.