Good morning!!!!

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Good (Friday) morning. Overnight Low of 3.5C and it's presently 10.0C, overcast with a light breeze.

Just 'tootlin'' along today. Tomorrow I'll need to get my arse out of bed early as my telephone conference with my Urologist has been shifted to 0815... of course, that's "stand by" for the call. It's a good thing that the days of only land-line are in the past.

That's about it, take care all.
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Costco has electric PW on sale for $200, I almost bought one.
I had a Ryobi at my old job, not strong enough.

Thank you. I was asking because we ordered a Speed Queen 7 series Washer, but a GE profile electric dryer. My reasoning was that washers are far more problematic than dryers, electric is much simpler than gas, and there was a substantial rebate on the GE because all the other appliances were GE Profile. I was starting to second guess my choices.
I concur, dryers are simple, or they should be simple.
after however many years, my wifey said the speedqueen was making a noise. I took off the front panel, and sat there and watched it thru a whole cycle. Nothing. Belt was fine. I told her to make sure the laundry was balanced when loading. Been working fine for the last week.

Work is busy. I have a report to finish about which equipment I feel needs replacing along with justifications. It is expensive to teach engineering "hands on" style.

Son and oldest daughter leaving to church camp tomorrow. Wifey is stressed out because she's been doing the planning and coordinating, but people are people and some have said things/done things they shouldn't have. Kids are kids, and then there's "girl drama" for some of them....It is far away enough out in the boonies that cell phones don't work, so I think that's awesome.

Prayers for our team, Bupps, Mostly, and others in need.
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72F and "Fair" @ 22:45, line of storms was supposed to come through around 22:00 ... looked like it was falling apart ... :(

Heading to around 66F for the low overnight.

Got 9 cabbages and 3 broccoli in the ground and well watered in before it got too warm to continue sitting in the hot sun and mess with it:

IMG_3298 copy.jpg

After that Woman and I made the trip down to Menards and picked up a couple of 50' soaker hoses and some hose repair ends.

After we got back She headed off for the grocery store.

I headed over to the barn for another length of hose and then around back and hooked up one of the soaker hoses to test it.

After that I mowed the west side down here by the house since the area on the east side of the garden was still in sun.

About the time I was finished with the mowing She got back from the grocery store and alerted me there was no water pressure ... :oops:

We shut pump off and She went back upstairs and threw some brats under the broiler.

Surprising how much those soaker hoses flow ... will have to put it on the timer ... 🤬

After dinner I came out and put my friend's loader bucket on the Kubota and took it around back.

Then went inside and turned the pump back on and hosed the bucket out.

Once that was done I headed back over to the garden and starting making more holes for the cabbage and broccoli ... probably have a little more than half done.

Neighbor stopped by with the dogs again and we visited for a bit.

Woman put netting over the cabbage and broccoli we got planted earlier.

Once neighbor left I took the Kubota up to the barn and set the friend's bucket on 4 jack stands, closed up and came on back down to the house.

Ran Cub over and stuck it in the barn since they were calling for rain.

Hope everyone had a great day ... (y)
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Drinking warm cup of coffee. 62° with partly cloudy skies this morning. Heading to 79° with partly cloudy skies. Couple of thunderstorms moved thru my area yesterday. Left .07" rain. Dr. visit went well. Best info was stay off of foot for a couple of days. Hard to do. But will give it a try. Grocery shopping this morning. Neighbor with broken leg needs gas for her mower. I need to restock my supply of REC gas is low so will get that done today.
Today is Flag Day. June 14 1777. The Red, White and Blue was adopted as our National Flag.

Everyone stay safe and well.

Good Morning All.
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61F cloudy good chance couple showers AM,PM just cloudy near 80F.

Outside chores done E muffin time.
Plans for today,AM 4 hours at part store,PM stop for critter food than quick lunch than take trimmer for long walk.

Enjoy your day all.
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good morning all
getting warmer, 66 going up to high 80's today with thunderstorms tonight.
I'm off to get my cardiac test results this morning, then back to meet with landlady after lunch.
I want to go over the proposed mower shed with her plus she always wants a complete tour of the flower gardens.

friends in South Florida have gotten over six inches of rain yesterday, streets are flooded, cars wrecked, etc.
a real tropical downpour
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Heading to 88F at home in Northern Nevada. Been in a lot of 100F heat over the past week or 10 days, so 88F is welcome!

Yesterday, we picked up our new pup!! Pictures tomorrow. He slept all night and I just let him out at 4am and he promptly conducted all necessary transactions, lol.

Recently went on a tour of Shasta Dam in Northern CA. I have been there before but forgot how impressive it is and what an engineering marvel it is. It can easily power a small city and provides irrigation water for the CA central valley-- incredible level of farming possible due to this water storage.

Two pix are enclosed. As usual it is quite more impressive in person than in a pix. The size, and steepness of the walls of the dam are breath taking. And the size of the turbines are absolutely huge. In the dam photos, there are 5 pipes connected to the powerhouse. Each pipe connects to one turbine. Each pipe is 15 feet wide. That's a huge amount of water.