Good morning!!!!

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Good morning. Had a bit of frost over night and today looks like it will be mostly a sunny :) day. Plan on planting some garlic today, will end up with over 1,000 but not all will get done today :eek:.
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Good morning to all TBN enthusiast.
Middle 60's here today. Will be overcast with a slight chance of rain. WE NEED IT! I'm auctioning off most of my equipment today. Wish me luck. Big money, no wammy's.
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Good Morning !:)

Tea for me and getting ready to ride to work :thumbsup:
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Good morning so far! 64* with rain on the way. Supposed to hit the 30*'s by Friday night with this cool front, so today I have a few light chores to do before the rain moves in.

Coffee extra good when it's cool outside:)
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I am making some coffee. Then I need to get to work. I need to finish some stuff - winter is coming to Michigan.
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Good Wednesday morning! There's a glow on the eastern horizon at 7:21 AM and the temperature is 62 degrees. There's a light breeze and my two kitties who decided to stay out all night have returned to get their breakfast. All is well. . . :)
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Good Friday Morning. 28 deg this morning. Little fire in the fire place and a warm cup of coffee.
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About 35 Degrees in south central PA....sun is out, but it's quite damp from dew and yesterday's rain...