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Jan 13, 2011
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I'm looking at getting a HF Cat 1 quick hitch. I know they have the 26-1/2 inch and the 27-1/2 inch inside dimension models. I have one implement that has a 27 inch dimension and will require the larger one, but I have another that is tighter. Does anyone have the 27-1/2 inch version and know what the outside dimension of the hitch arms is?
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Yes it is 30". Do they still have both versions of the CAT 1 hitch, I have bought two last summer and the only ones I found were the 27 1/2 versions.
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This is interesting. A week or so ago I got a e-mail ad showing both versions, with the 27-1/2 on sale and the old small one at regular price. However, if I look at the website, I see only the 27-1/2 version. Anyway, it looks like it works for me so I will order the new one.

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The 27.5 inch one meets the ASAE standard...so that is what you want anyway.
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Do take a tape measure with you if you buy implements that you intend to use with your quick-hitch. I just cut down the yoke of my rear blade to make it fit my quick hitch. An ideal measurement is about 26" between the pin tabs (outside measurements) to fit into your hitch. The pins have a shoulder that eats about 3/4" of clearance.

You're gonna LOVE using a quick hitch!
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Does the HF Quick Hitch require or use the Speedco sleeves on the lower arms?

I got mine delivered yesterday and just played with it for a minute... It's going to take some adjustments. But right out of the box I backed up and picked up my Landscape rake and drove away without getting off the machine...
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Does the HF Quick Hitch require or use the Speedco sleeves on the lower arms?

All the quick hitches should use sleeves on Cat I implements. The official standard says that lower pins up to 1.40" in diameter fit into the Cat I quick hitch. Since the Cat I pins are only 7/8", they are really too small to correctly fit into the quick hitch and need the sleeves.

As a follow up, I've found that I have one implement that just will not work with the HF quick hitch (without the top link adapter) and that is a 2010 JD Frontier box blade. The top hook on the quick hitch does not extend far enough from the frame to allow it to slip into the (rather narrow) yoke on the BB. I need to either use the adapter or make myself a new top hook for the QH. The QH specification doesn't seem to be detailed in this area, so it's hard to say whether the hitch or the box blade is non-standard.
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I welded my quick hitch to a quick attack plate so I can transprot and use some of my 3 point "stuff" w/out having to remove my backhoe.

I just wish I had tought of this when I first bought my tractor.

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I got one last week, but the pins that hook the quick hitch to the 3-point are a bit small and very sloppy so I haven't used it yet. Not sure what to do to fix it beside drilling out the hitch and getting some new pins.
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I just bought a HF Quick Hitch two weeks ago and the sleeves make the implements fit the hitch much better.

I'm a newbie to tractors and didn't realize when I purchased my box blade from TSC last year that it was a Cat 1 box blade with Cat 0 spacing...which turned out to cause quite a problem for me once I added the quick hitch. I was forced to add the sleeves to my box blade (in addition to extra-long draw pins) in order to make it fit onto the hitch, but they were a good addition no matter what and they really help eliminate any slop.

The other problem I had was the top hook on the quick hitch would hit the bolt holding the box blade together and I couldn't lower the QH enough to clear the bottom hooks to pull out from the bb. I then bought the optional adaptor thinking that would help but it didn't. I was able to get around this by only securing one of the bolts holding the top hook onto the QH with the supplied bolts. I replaced the other hook bolt with a quick release pin. Once I lower the box blade down I release the quick release pin on the hook and the top link pin on the box blade and the hook swivels so I can pull right out.