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Apr 19, 2000
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Maybe someone here can help me figure this out. My closest Century dealer is in Oregon, 373 miles away according to the Century website. Info on their website is minimum at best so the difference between the model Eddie Walker is considering a Century 2535 and the 3035 appear to be a slight size difference and weight. I got a price on a 3035 and C50 loader. It seems to match up fairly close to my L3830 except no HST on the Century. Loaders are fairly close. I did all this just to see about these huge price differences I've seen quoted by others. Delivered, the Century 3035 12X12 SST (its all they offer) with C50 loader, R1's and 1 rear remote is $20,500, I paid just under $20,000. My L3830 is equipped with HST, HD bucket, R4's, spark arrestor, an information system that gives me maintainence intervals, trip time, PTO speed, mph etc, and 0% financing. The Century gives you a 1000 RPM PTO as well as the 540 RPM, (could not verify a mid PTO) which could be beneficial for a handful of folks. There are plenty of other things to compare, these are the most obvious. Whats up? Wheres the huge savings? Out here in the West, it's evaporated. I am for the most part about as skeptical about these prices as ever. Must be strictly East/ Midwest pricing. Perhaps the 3035 is not the tractor to compare with, maybe the model 2535 is a closer fit. If so, let me know, I'll call about it too. That $4100 to $6000 dollar savings I saw at the end of the Century or Kubota post will most certainly not be there, especially if I go with Kubotas least expensive transmission which is comparable to the Centurys in terms of description, I know Kubotas FST works very well and assume Centurys does as well.

I'm posting this simply to verify the information found in the Eddie Walker post and to validate what I have found to be and not to be true. It's one thing to point out the huge price difference, it's another thing for everybody to get it. For me, obviously there is no savings and even more importantly for my purposes, no HST which means it would never have been an option anyway. Rat...
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don't know about out west but I bought my 3045 century, c-50 fel,dual remotes, r4 tires loaded and thats a 48hp tractor for under 17500 delivered here in Michigan, green orange and blue were over 22000+++ and then I would have had to pay for the extras. Sounds like you should get a hold of my dealer and have him ship you one and you will still be money ahead.
A 3035 was 16500 for the same equip. and I think they had a 2035 for 14500. Plus they are made heavyier. I'm really happy with mine. I grew up with jd and I had a ford1910 but this tractor is really built. Yes they don't have hst and the fancy electronics but I wouldn't want hst to do field work and the electronics look to me to be a problem 10 years down the road after getting rain and snow and hot sun on them over and over. If all I was going to use it for was to mow grass and fel work the hst would be great. I have that on my lawn mower but if you are going to use it in the fields plowing and such the gear trans is better.
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I certainly have to agree with you about the shuttleshift or standard shift for plow work. It's one area where I think you can rely that a standard or shuttle is an advantage over a hydrostatic drive. It's not so much that the HST can't do it, but its where it's advantages are certainly diminished. For routine farm work like that, its what I would look at. I don't intend to farm so its not an area of concern for me. A hobby farmer at best for my own purposes.

I don't know why you guys back East have lower prices, perhaps it's the only way things sell, maybe it's where more are sold strictly because the number of people is greater and therefore a greater demand, whatever the case, it obviously exists. I'm not in the market for a tractor, I just picked up a superb tractor 6 weeks ago. Rat...
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</font><font color="blue" class="small">( I don't know why you guys back East have lower prices, perhaps it's the only way things sell )</font>

The prices on the big 3 tractors didn't seem lower in Western Pa.
The prices on used machines were so high I felt I was better off going new.
I started out pricing JD, Kubota,NH and the quotes I got seemed near list.
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Those prices you quoted sure would put a different spin on things for me when considering tractors. I forget who came up with the $6,000 difference in price, I said $4,000. I don't need or want a FEL, just trying to compare tractors.

The duel rear remotes included on this particular tractor I'm looking at were added by Century by mistake. My dealer said he didn't order them, didn't pay for them and isn't going to charge me for them. I don't even know what they are worth.

I have a Branson Dealer about half an hour away past my land. He quoted me $13,650 for a 3510 base 4X4 tractor.

I can't explain why the Century 2535 I'm looking at is $10,900 and $2,750 less than the Branson. I understand them to be the same thing.

The Kubota was $400 more with HST and the DT was $200 less. I'm going with Century because of the price difference. If it was just a $2,000 difference I'd probably go with Kubota.

Where are you in Nothern California? I used to live the Oakland area.
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<font color="blue">...I don't know why you guys back East have lower prices... </font>

Hi Mark...

I think, it's because all you guys out West... have all the money... /forums/images/graemlins/laugh.gif
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Well, I don't think it's a west v. east thing. Dave's tractor in California has excellent prices on Bransons and my local Century dealer was sky high compared to Branson and about the same as Kubota. The price you quoted for a 3035 was ridiculously high. I paid $14,200 for the same tractor, except it had an Ansung loader, which is usually about $500 less than the C-50. I got a really good deal, but I would not have had to look hard to find the same tractor for $16,500.

I believe it has more to do with the individual dealer, on both sides (Kubota/big three versus Branson or Century). My big three dealers were high. By the way, the $6000 comes in when you add a loader and a few other implements, assuming you're buying the big three brand implements.

If anyone knows of a place you can get a John Deere, New Holland, or Kubota 35 hp, 31 PTO, 3800 pound tractor with position and draft control, shuttle shift 12 speed transmission, front and rear worklights, fel, grillguard for less than $17,000, let me know. When I added up the big three prices with all of these features (many of which are not standard on the big three) in my area, the total was well over $20,000 and all three were substantially lighter tractors (500 pounds or more).
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Freight may have something to do with it. Both Branson and Century are located in the East as far as I know. Unless they have lots/warehouses in the West, freight is going to jack up the west coast prices somewhat.

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Surely the tractors are coming in from Korea through the west coast? If they want to penetrate the California market, sooner or later they will probably set up a distribution center out there.
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They could be coming in through the gulf, via the panama canal, given that the distribution center is in Georgia. I wonder if this would be cheaper, or if it would be cheaper to ship by rail across country. Would think rail would add to the cost. Any shipping experts out there?

Still don't think it's an east coast versus west coast phenomenon. How can Dave's tractor have such good prices--he's in California. What you sayeth, Dave?