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Rat, I sell Branson's, and the models I sell the most of are the 3510 and 4020's. I generally do not stock the 3520 (3035 Century) as most people go with the 40HP when they move up to the larger frame. I don't really want to post prices in the forum just for the sake of discussion (I don't want to take heat from other dealers), but I will say that I can sell a 4020 with the BL20 loader with R1's and a rear remote for several thousand under $20K.

That old burnt IH? I sold the entire tractor for $500. The buyer pulled the loader and the one good new rear tire to keep for himself, then he got it to turn over and he sold the remaining hulk for $900! Now that, my friends, is a tractor salesman!

Rat, we like Kubota's too, and that fact that the are often the standard that others compare too should speak for itself as to the value of the Kubota brand. They are a nice machine, but we feel the Branson's are right up there in quality, and certainbly have a price advantage.
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I actually thought that would be the case and completely understand. I dealt with Bill up at Georges tractors and we discussed some of the relationships that dealers have to deal with, I really understand where your coming from. I had a guy asking about my old International and if there was a loader available for it. I said, well, maybe. Anyway, thanks for your response. I'm up your way frequently working on a place in Palo Cedro. I'm not familiar with Century or Branson, but always hope that the competiton remains stiff the "big three" as it makes everything better from what I have seen. Rat...
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Our inventory is real low right now (12 tractors I think), but we have about 60 units on order that should be in within a couple of weeks, so you should stop by.

Take care,
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What exit would one take? And after that? I have a water booster pump to replace up there at my brother in laws place.
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Rat, my daughter is building us a website, and if you go on it and go to the contact page, it will give directions and link to a map. At least we hope it does /forums/images/graemlins/smirk.gif Webpage
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RaT My pricing experience is exactly the same as reddog. I paid in the neighborhood of $18k for my 3045. Other prices he quoted for Century were similar to my experience. A JD 4710 with the exact same engine, but hydro was $27k at my dealer. Knock off about $2k for the hydro to keep things similar and there was about a $7k price difference and the Century had extras the JD didn't. Your Kubota price is within a few hundred dollars of the best I could get. Please let us know what you think of the Bransons at Dave's
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Is the JD 4710 the one to compare too? You know, HP, displacement etc.? I have not aquainted myself with the Centurys or Bransons enough to know off hand? Rat...
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</font><font color="blue" class="small">( Is the JD 4710 the one to compare too? You know, HP, displacement etc.? I have not aquainted myself with the Centurys or Bransons enough to know off hand? Rat... )</font>

Lofty company, but YES! Both are class III CUT's, My Century 3045 has the exact same engine as a JD 4710 48HP 2.2L Yanmar four. Both have 12 speed with sync-shuttle. JD does not need the use of the clutch to shift the shuttle, Century does. Century weighs 440 lbs. more. Same wheelbase, same width, four inches shorter overall. Same rear tire size, 3045 has a 12-16.5 front vs. 10-16.5 on the 4710(talking R4's). 3045 is shy about 550 lbs for the 3PT lift and 2.7 gpm on the hydraulics. On my tractor, I didn't get eTouch controls for the PTO and 4WD, I have a mechanical lever. I do have a rear remote which was very expensive on the Deere, also draft control which will get a workout when I acquire some ground engaging implements, again extra on the Deere. Still, side by side, same price, would I have chosen the JD?, most likely.
Same circumstance, then throw in a $7k check for the difference and to me it becomes a no brainer. Century doesn't want for any necessities, it just doesn't have any frills. Did I mention I don't have a cup holder /forums/images/graemlins/frown.gif I'll trade that for the C-50 loader mounting system and ease of refueling. I think I've said before, as in the Nissan commercial for the Xterra: "Everything you need, nothing you don't" /forums/images/graemlins/cool.gif

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Website looks great! Tell your daughter she's doing a great job! Tractors look good too! I emailed you earlier about Branson/Century and was convinced by your input that I wanted to get on board with that company. Thanks again for the info.