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It may be a little more than you care to spend but find you a hand sign painter. Back in '78 I restored this 1947 McCormick-Deering OS-6. It had a paint brush paint job over top of the decals, but you could still see them. Couldn't find decal kits for it back at that time. We had a sign painter in our tractor club who had a stencil pen. Basically, laid an opaque stencil paper over the top of it and used an electric pen that arced and burned tiny holes through the paper cutting out the letters. I was there when he did it and was fascinated by it. I brought the hood home, and stripped it to bare metal, and painted it, then took back to Dick to put the lettering/"decals" back on.

A good sign painter should be able to paint your existing decals if it's already been painted.

Here's a picture of it 44 years later and the lettering is still near perfect. Last year was the first time I got back into taking it to shows, after 34 years of setting in the barn, due to "life happening". While my paint job could stand to be replaced, I'm not going to in memory of Dick. He has long passed, and leaving it as is as my little personal tribute to him. I'll rub a little Fluid Film on the bare spots, but otherwise she'll stay as is.


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Many companies make paint pens. Like a felt tip marker - only it applies paint. A steady hand and a paint pen might serve your needs.