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Nov 25, 2016
Santa Cruz Mountains CA, Southern OR
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I'm looking to replace my old Deere Sabre for mowing my .4ac lawn. The TS348XD looks good from the specs and there's a good local dealer. I have a few questions that people who run them would know:

1. when you switch the ignition into the "mows in reverse" position, does it let you mow forwards both and back until you switch it back? Or do you have to do it each time you mow in reverse and then switch back?

2. what's the width across the deck outside to outside on the 48" model? I have to squeeze it in between posts in the barn.

3. how well does it handle slopes both up and down and side to side?

4. how well does it handle uneven lawns with dips/rises?

5. how well does the mulching kit work?

And anything else I should know

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I can't answer all of your questions, but I can answer a few. Question 1: When you put the key in the mow in reverse position you just leave it there until you are finished mowing. It will mow both directions at all times in that position. I really don't understand why they don't just make that the standard running position. Question 3: As far as slopes go mine has had no issues at all even in places where my other mower spins badly. It has the locking diff, but I haven't had to use it yet because it does fine on it's own. I haven't tested it in and extreme side to side scenario yet, but it feels super stable and safe. I wouldn't be scared to use it sideways on a slope (using common sense while doing so of course). Question 4: I have the 54" and I haven't had any issues with dips and humps so far except for one small scalping instance and that was my fault for going at it in a weird way. It hasn't scalped the same spot since then. I also still have my scalping wheels in the factory position, I haven't needed to adjust them at all. Also as far as steering on uneven terrain goes it's awesome. It doesn't actually have power steering, but you would think it did! It steers so smooth and easily and the terrain doesn't jerk the wheel around like my last mower did. With my last mower you could hit a dip and it would turn the front wheels and almost jerk the steering wheel out of your hand. The Husqvarna just rides over everything like it isn't there and the big commercial grade seat makes it a nice comfy ride also. I hope I helped with some of your questions. If you decide to get one I definitely don't believe you will be disappointed especially for the price!
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I was about to get that same TS348XD, I actually had an appointment with a dealer, and then I decided a real FEL might come in handy because I figured out I needed to regrade my whole yard which means a summer of 5 -7 loads of dirt at 20-22 tons per load, and I have several tons of trees to move down a long hill over the next 2 years because the prior owner had them cut them into very large pieces and left them in this massive pile. It's probably 20-30,000 pounds of wood to cut, split, and move down a big hill. I was going to use a cart behind the TS, until I realized I still had to hand load and unload it, and the cart might not be that stable. Now, I can cut it and then scoop it with the FEL and back it down the hill. But, in hindsight, I think the TS would be a much better lawnmower than I have, it's overkill with my GC 1723 and I think the much lower Hus would be substantially safer on my hill. I'm just trying to figure out how to justify both.