hydraulic cylinders on a Montana 4940

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Nov 11, 2005
Montana 4940
I use my 4940 to mow commercially. I want to start box blading commercially as well. I am going to replace my top link with a hydraulic cylinder, as well as put one on the 3pt arm that already has a manual tilt adjustment. Anybody have any advice??
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What you want is a TNT setup. Search here for TNT or Top and Tilt and you will get literally thousands of posts with good information.

The best place to buy cylinders is Carter & Carter Machinery. The person to talk to is Mark (he posts here as CCI). They are the only ones selling cylinders with the double pilot check valves which, in the opinion of most people, are the only way to go.

Carter & Carter
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Yes, Like Madreferee said.
Get the top and tilt cylinders with the check valves. (keeps the cylinders from leaking off).
I originally had a set of TNT cylinders without check valves. The tilt cylinder would constanly leak down during use (real PITA).
I now have the CCM cylinders on with check valves. They work SO much better. They stay where you put them and no more leak down..