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this morning after charging battery fired it up, lots of grey smoke turns out the idle was way down, after adjustments it runs decent, blows dark smoke when accelerating brakes are not like a car, they do stop and hold but thinking a further bleeding is in order, easily lifted a old car but need longer forks the ones on it are 54 inch

will run it round for a week or so then another oil change, still have to figure the dash electrics but all in spent under 400 including a new seat to be installed
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I lucked out and found some 4x8" I beams about 7 feet long on craigslist a while back. Got two of them and a stick of .250 flatbar that was 9" wide for $40. Made me a set of 8' fork extensions. A little thick for pallet work but for picking up cars or pickup toppers they work great, and were a lot cheaper than any other option.
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the forklift takes some cranking to fire it up but runs decent, there is blowback in the crank hoping the rings are just stuck and will free up, still have rewire for lights, some better working gauges but Im happy its working.

now weather is getting cooler starting outside will be a task, the flame thrower on the intake workd but my question if I pass on the flamethrower could I use a touch of starter fluid? its the Continental diesel motor, not tried it more curious.
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You should be able to find a universal frost plug block heater at a parts store, especially where you are. That will ease starting and extend the engine life as well.
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had a quick look and did not see any frost plug but it was snowing, will take a better look monday