I did a thing, what's next!?

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Jan 3, 2018
Kemp, TX
17 Kioti CK3510SE HST, 23 Bobcat E35
Bobcat E35 delivered today. Just an 18" bucket and thumb, I figure that's enough for me to do some damage for a while. What's the most useful "next thing" you'd get or add to a mini-ex?

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stump ripper to minimize the hole digging out stumps. Congrats. Have to agree with TacTurnip ... you'll be amazed what that'll get done compared to a tractor alone.
   / I did a thing, what's next!?
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Smooth cutting edge to go over the teeth for fine grading, a bit wider than the bucket.

Just don't add a beard trimmer for it haha!

There'll be no beard trimmers in this house!
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Congratulations on your new thing. That will be very useful.
I only know a little about tractors, so no suggestions here other than to stay safe and have fun.
I'm not even sure what attachments are available.