I did a thing, what's next!?

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Would suggest a large can of wasp spray. Like the machine. Mine has been resting for over a year, misses me.
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Bobcat E35 delivered today. Just an 18" bucket and thumb, I figure that's enough for me to do some damage for a while. What's the most useful "next thing" you'd get or add to a mini-ex?

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Most useful thing to do next; get a lot of practice and see what you need. A 32" or so ditch cleaning bucket, with smooth "sand plate" might be good.
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If you don't have some type of "wedge lock" or "pin grab" for ease of switching attachments, this may be the first thing. 👍
Aligning the pretty beefy and definitely greasy pins to manually attach various attachments will help you with this decision. Do it once manually and your wallet will magically open right up for this option.😆
   / I did a thing, what's next!?
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Some great ideas here, thank you all!
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A good grease gun and a lot of quality grease cartridges. These things LOVE grease! :)

Powered grease guns are very handy, BUT I personally do not own one. I use high quality pistol grip grease guns. Personal preference...I like to feel if there is any unusual resistance when greasing.
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I would have to have a cleanout bucket for it. Then I would get James Capers to build me a Limb Hog saw attachment for it.