I need a propane torch that works

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Get an old used torch at a garage sale, hock shop, or Habitat Restore.
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The other minor detail about MAP-Pro (propene/propylene)gas which burns a hundred or so degrees cooler than MAPP, is that the BTU intensity is much higher than propane. MAPP/MAP-PRO deliver almost twice the BTU/area of propane, and slightly more than acetylene. Nice comparion table here; Fuel Gas/Mapp Gas_Aerosol Gas Company (AGC)

If you want it hot, fast, MAPP, or its replacements have some real advantages. Personally, it is worth the cost to me, especially in metal working and copper re-work.

I love my bernzomatic torch. It just works.

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i keep a Bernzomatic around; comes in handy, including in the winter when I need to melt ice on my snowblower fan.

you say that yours doesn't stay lit- do you have it turned up all the way?
Yes. Actually it doesn't even light anymore; nothing comes out the oriface. It's a brand new torch, it has about 1/200th of a bottle through it. I've played with it, tried different tanks yet nothing works. don't plan to spend a lot of time getting it going.
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If you don't want something as big and bulky as the TS torches (I have both the fixed and adjustable, they're great...) and have a tractor supply around, pick up one of THESE, I have one and it's a good budget torch and has an igniter...