I really want an RK 24, talk me out of it. Please.

   / I really want an RK 24, talk me out of it. Please.
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I'm at the tip top center of the IL stateline with WI. So, I know about IL for sure. LOL

Mask on in IL, mask off in WI. Businesses are dying very hard in IL due to the mask being on bit. WI businesses are booming so hard on the stateline that they are seeing 3X growth in their economy. The local 93.7FM business report has been keeping record of this for months now comparing the actions in IL and the benefits favoring WI's economy. That 19-cent fuel tax increase was the start of it all back in 2019. Now the mask ordeal has folks jumping the stateline voting with their $$$ in WI.
Yep, not to digress from the topic of RK tractors but I see the same thing. I work in Texas. We went through a brief period of insanity there. It was brief. Back here it is ongoing without an end in sight. If I didn't have family and property here, I would reside in another state or country.