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Stirling Wine

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Mar 19, 2008
Mt Barker Western Australia
Yanmar AF33D
On my AF33D I am trying to identify UFO controls. Two features I would like to use
1. Tilt for blade - which of the controls in picture 173 is for this? Can it be preset or just raised and lowered. What is the sensor on cylinder 177 for?
2. Quick raise, to raise at end of row and lower to same postion to start next row, - which contols and how to set them?

Is the lever in 176 and the cable plug in179 to be connected for draft control? Not important yet because I don't think I have use for this.


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I see pictures on post, thought there would be jpeg nos referred to in thread:confused: . They are in order 168,170,171,173,176,177,179. This may make it easier to refer to in reply
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My machine is a little older than yours and the control panel is not as advanced so I can only answer a couple questions.

For the Q about pics 176, 179 the answer is yes.

While I'm having a hard time making out pic 177, there should be a position sensor on the right cyl and this is use to level the 3pt independently of sensor mounted on typ a tiller to set level. On mine the sensor is just a notched rod and 2 micro switches. the notch represents level. If 3pt is not level one of the micro switches trips and tell the control to either raise or lower the cyl.

Hope Ernie sees this thread and responds as he know more about this control panel and how it works. He has told me there is a way to set the depth position and with a press of a button one can raise the implement for turning around and then hit the button again and implement will return to the set depth, no need to use the position control.
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The controls are very easy to figure out what they do.

Just hook up your rototiller, plug it in, and play with it !!:D the tiller will respond to the position of the knobs.

You can rotate the tiller front to back, and have auto tilt.

Gotta have the tiller that goes with the controls, or they are worthless knobs.

All you have without the tiller is the tilt switch.