I'm in shock... Kubota BX pricing

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I bought my JD 2025r in 2019. It was a little over $20k out the door, that included 60” auto connect deck, FEL, pallet forks and rim guard in the tires. Looking on line it now looks like list price for the same setup would be $30k. I don’t know if discounts are available or not.
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glad to have purchased my 34k rig yrs ago. my sympathies are to younger people trying to get a start in life at all levels... us oldies are basically very fortunate albeit the OP's concern on this subject
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Wow! Shock is an understatement!

This thread prompted me to check the price on my fully equipped L6060 HSTC. I paid $47,500 in Oct, 2020. The current price for the same machine is $66,700! A 40% increase in just 28 months!

Lately, I've been eyeing an M7060 but that's not going to happen anytime soon!
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BX23S package is $35K in Canada
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BX23S package is $35K in Canada
And I only paid $18,000 for my BX 25 in the fall of 2008. Same tractor, but without a couple of new features that are provided in the BX 23S. Could probably get the same for my BX 25 today. $18k Canadian is only about $13k US), since it is in excellent condition and doesn’t have much more than about 1000 hours on it.
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This reinforces in my mind the value of investing time and effort into learning how to repair and maintain your own machines. It allows you to keep things for far longer and potentially buy used or broken equipment for a much more reasonable price.
Having those skills has proven over and over to me at least that you can have a much higher standard of living than what your income would otherwise dictate
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I would also be in the camp of buying a nice commercial Z-Turn. Use that for the dedicated mowing and keep your tractor.
Add another voice to this thought. Once you have had a tractor and loader, you're going to want it back anyway. If you're happy with all but the mower aspect, a good ZTM might be your most economical alternative.
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Poster if you're wise you're going to sit this out until this industry receives a very much needed price correction.
Well, you can be sure that I'm not going to pay 30k for a little tractor. Even an overpriced fully loaded Carolla is less than that. Its not that I can't afford it, I refuse to pay it. I have the same gut reaction to a lot of my comfort foods at the grocery store.

I'll make my tractor do. If I come across a good deal on a mower, I might just do that as well, as that would solve my problem. In the meantime, I'll continue to baby my BX as I've done for the past 18 years. Nothing has ever failed on it.

The thing is...I'm still in shock at the prices. I feel so bad for the younger people that never got a chance to accumulate while things were affordable.