Inexpensive John Deere WAM?

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Hay Dude

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Aug 28, 2012
3 miles from where the gun was discarded
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I don’t know if this is an “opportunity“ or not. I could use a large area mower. Looks like an older model. Can’t find much info on it.
90” cut is impressive, but don’t know much about it. Visually, the mower looks kinda “light-weight”, but that’s just a guess.


Seller says 1150 hours. Yanmar diesel. Wants $3500. Says it’s ready to mow grass and nothing broken.
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Interesting mower, similar to the Kubota F series with a couple of differences.
I see it looks like hydraulic drive for the mower decks. I would want to see how much that pump was and if it's rebuildable or not. Is it 4wd, without 4wd they will get stuck easily with all that weight hanging out front.
But for that price it would be hard to pass up if it sounds good and starts good.
I would expect that for a new one all you would have to do is add a zero to the end of the price tag, and a zero is nothing :)
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I don’t know a lot about them but have read about them and my son mowed with them when he worked on a golf course. They are really expensive new, I think they can run as high as $30k. The hydraulics are where you can get into money in repairs. That price seems too low and I would expect it to be 3 times that much. I think they are great cutting machines.
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That's pretty low hours for the price. I've never seen a mower deck that much offset.
Most of the sub $6-8k wam's I've looked at are 4000 + hours and beat up.
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Price is worth it for the engine alone as long as no smoking or blow by noticeable. Hard to believe the hours. Think the hour meter may have been replaced at some point. If it runs and cuts, fills the need, get it and don't look back. The drive wheels right by the deck give great traction and takes a bit to get used to the swing in back like a forklift!
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The seat is covered, but that’s not really an indication of high hours. The owner only has 3 pictures. More are forthcoming.
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If it "is ready to mow and nothing broken" I would ask why. I can't help but think something is fishy.

I priced them in December of 2021, they are stupid expensive.
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I haven't seen any Kubota or JD front mount diesel mower like that in Middle Tennessee anywhere near $3,500 with 1150 hours. The closest ad to that locally was a F3680 with about 1300 hours for $13,500 a few weeks ago.
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Haydude, how far away is it from you ? Is there any grass to cut with it where it is at, so you could try it out for a couple of hours ?
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Haydude, how far away is it from you ? Is there any grass to cut with it where it is at, so you could try it out for a couple of hours ?
As usual, it’s pretty far, like 4 hours. It’s in upstate NY, so probably little to no grass. I’d have to buy on pictures & trust. Of course I can test it when I pick it up, but after cobbling together $3,500 $300 in fuel and a trip permit to drive into NY, it’s a bi@tch to turn around and come home empty.