Inexpensive John Deere WAM?

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As usual, it’s pretty far, like 4 hours. It’s in upstate NY, so probably little to no grass. I’d have to buy on pictures & trust. Of course I can test it when I pick it up, but after cobbling together $3,500 $300 in fuel and a trip permit to drive into NY, it’s a bi@tch to turn around and come home empty.
Just for the heck of it I looked it up, I would offer to go look at it but, then I see it's over 4 hours from me.
Interesting mower especially at that price.
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Thanks, Lou. It would be GREAT if someone would look at it for me that lives closeby.
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George, check your PM.
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Its 150 miles SW from me. A little too far for me to drive in winter. We just got a foot of snow last night. I'd go if it was a lot closer
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I've seen tons of those mowers around here and never seen one exactly like that. Unless that pic is an optical illusion that's a left hand deck only. Those things usually have matching decks. I don't think I've ever seen an offset one like that.
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Funny, I have never seen that model of mower.
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Deere definitely made a 1620 WAM with 90" offset deck from 2000-2002. The deck was called a "single Lastec 90-inch deck" that was actually made by a third-party company named Lastec. I have seen them and they look weird for a WAM (as others have said most have "symmetric" wing decks on both sides).

The company is still in business and you can buy their articulating decks for some of the current JD front mowers here:
They are articulating decks that "flex" with the terrain but they don't fold the whole way up like the wing decks on a WAM do (they only raise/lower by a couple of inches).

That being said, I have never seen one of these 1620's for sale at less than around $7500, and that is with high hours. I would be worried there is something fishy with this one ...

Just for fun -- poke around their website. They also make pull-behinds, golf course models, and even their own zero-turns. How about a high-power zero-turn with a 10-foot articulating deck?!?! :D
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I've never seen a mower deck that much offset.
Ahh, I missed that. I was thinking it was a pure batwing like the Toro Groundsmaster 455D which seems to be larger, although perhaps the engines are relatively close, so they may be similar.

Are the Deere side blades hydraulic or belt driven? Pure hydraulic might be nice if one could convince it to do hedge trimming.

The half batwing might be handy for mowing around fruit trees.
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The roll bar does not fold
The last deck can fold up
They are only for cutting grass and not tall grass either.
For 35 bills, its a steal, I use to mow a golf course with one many years ago.
Go there on your day off and try it out, if you don't like it, you can always sell it after its cleaned up and make some $$