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That's actually a really well done video!
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That was a great video. Now I know there history. I like the respect they gave to our troops.
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Thank you for sharing HP942, informative and respectful video. I did not know LS had partnered with claas also.

I did a lot of homework on LS before buying one back in 2020. Finding out LS is building New Holland's compact tractor line was a major point, and in the past Montana tractor and long tractor. What sold it for me was the LS price point with more standard features that were extra on comparable brands and availability of parts and service.
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I did quite a bit of research when looking to replace my aging JD. LS was one of my front runners for sure and I was shopping new. I got lucky and ran across a used one with 18 hour on the clock and bought it at a bargain. I want to buy a bigger one in the next couple years to work on my hunting property when I retire. LS will most likely be the winner.