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Aug 28, 2011
JD 5105, JD 5055E
I thought I'd use a thread to chronicle my repair of my 5105. Today I got the loader off, pulled it into the shop, and got the hood off with the help of my kids. My plan is to get the bare minimum parts to make it run, so I can be assured that it will run, before getting the rest and tracking down a used hood. I've confirmed the harness is available and I've found used clusters online.

I know it's a bit of a gamble, but I'm actually looking forward to it. It will be good for my kids to help too. I was a mechanic through college and am an engineer now, so this doesn't scare me. But there is no way I'd attempt to repair the main wiring harness.

Maybe this will be a gateway to fixing up old tractors. That wouldn't bother me except storing them...



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Did the tractor catch fire?
Or did the battery explode?
What are ViseGrip "C" clamps for in the second picture?
I probably would have hooked the tow strap lower, not on the front guard.
It does look like a fun, but expensive project.
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Yeah, it had a fire a few weeks ago. Electrical fire near the fusebox that burned through the fuel line.

The vise grips are a backup keeping the fuel from running out of the hose. I also have a bolt plugging it with some hose clamps. I haven't drained it all out yet.

The only other option is around the front axle. The guard was fine for just rolling it into the shop. It would not be a good spot for pulling it out of the mud.
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I'm interested in your repair project. Please keep the good photos and descriptions coming.
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I'm interested in your repair project. Please keep the good photos and descriptions coming.
Hope you have some patience, it's going to take a while, lol.
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Loader brackets off and some of the mess cleaned off. No surprises so far. Time to order the first round of parts. Loader brackets are heavy in case you thought otherwise. I used an engine crane, which made it pretty easy.

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I think the old cluster should be good for a core. It's mostly complete. Lol

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More crispy than complete. Good you're getting the main harness. It would be an impossibly difficult restore without it.
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Thanks for starting this thread. I wish you luck on getting it all squared away!
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I also use an engine crane/cherry picker when I remove the loader brackets from my JD 2030. Been there several times to split the tractor.