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No trains anymore?

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THAT is a neat bridge....

The original 1959 design by Hazelet and Erdal of Chicago of the bridge's liftspan had roadways constructed on both levels with rails embedded in the road surface on the lower deck. This allowed the span to be partially raised to allow small and medium boat traffic to pass underneath without disrupting vehicular traffic. From this middle position, the span would then only need to be raised for large ships or lowered to allow trains to cross. With the end of rail service in 1982, the lowest position is no longer needed to allow trains to pass so the bridge is not lowered below the middle position during the summer boating season except for periods of maintenance or repair. In the winter after the lake freezes, the bridge is placed in the lowest position to allow the lower deck to be used by snowmobile traffic.
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Hard to believe April and still winter up north. No real winter here
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But Arly will tell you they are way down on snowfall this winter. I know all of northern Michigan is. We seen our grass more this winter than I can remeber in years past. Jon
We are about 150" behind normal. :cry:
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Gaylord is at 87", 62%, 53" below normal. Snowmobile trails here were hardly usable this winter. Ski resorts were able to make some snow, but probably didn't have a great season either. We don't do either. Jon