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Here is some dated Keweenaw snow photos. Feel free to start new thread if you like.
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Thanks for sharing pictures ArlyA
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I haven't seen ice like that on the southern end of Lake Michigan for years. :(

Nice pics from your ski crony! (y)(y)
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Seeing these photos in April brings back memories of 1996 for me. I was living near the south end of Lake Huron at that time and bought a new boat at a boat show. When I made the deal in February I scheduled pick-up for noon on Good Friday, which was April 8th, thinking that would be past the bad snow and ice.

It snowed 8” of new on the morning of April 8th, but I drove through the storm to pick up my new boat as agreed. And the dealer wrapped the boat tightly on the trailer to get me safely through the salt bath.

To add to that frustration there ended up being consistent ice chunks flowing out of Lake Huron into the St. Clair River until the 1st of June before I dared to put my new boat in the water that year. 1996 was an exceptionally late snow and ice year for down here.

I was over in that same area earlier this week and it’s clear as a bell and fishing boats are plentiful along the whole stretch of river this spring. The walleye fishing has never been better.