Kubota G1900S price

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Roy & Mary - you appear to be in my "neck of the woods". I'm down near Charles Town, West Virginia - just south of Harpers Ferry.

I go to Browning Equipment, the Kubota Dealer up in Purcellville, VA and have had excellent experiences with them. If you're much south of Frederick, Browning in Purcellville may be about as close. Nice to know that there are reasonable options in any case.

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WVBill; I myself am in southeast Frederick Co., MD. If I remember correctly from prior posts, you get the "pleasure" (as I also do /w3tcompact/icons/frown.gif) of commuting I-270 each day. My own locale is a couple miles east of the Urbana exit. Years ago, it was a pleasant trip over to the Leesburg/Purcellville, VA area, taking the ferry if I was not in a rush. Now, Rt 15, Rt 340 and Rt 7 look like I-70/270. So, I do not head over that direction much any more.
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I saw pictures of new G series.... No thanks. I'll stick with my
G-2000 fws. I've had mine since 1992 and only have 185 hrs on it. My mother has one with 130 hrs. My dumb brother wants to trade it in for a jd but they would only give 5400 on
a trade. That's the dealers in Woodstock Va.
One question. Does any one Know where I can find a G2546B
snowblower [ Quick-hitch ] for sale? I could use one up here
in northern NY.

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