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Jan 20, 2010
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Does anyone have a cross reference for the HT17160000A3 glow plugs used in the A1100N2 engine? I have performed multiple searches to no avail.

Marking on the glow plugs are:
OL3 on one hex
A52J 11V on another hex

M10 x 1.25 threads
17.5 - 18 mm heat tip 5 mm dia
Approx 25 mm from tip to threads
Approx 30 mm thread length

4 mm threaded electrical connection
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   / Kukje A1100 glow plugs
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Shoot an email to NGK. They'll tell you what works.
Tried that and their response was we do not have a part listing for the A1100N2 engine. Tried referencing the Kukje P/n and that didn’t work either.

I looked through the link provided by MT and found 3 with similar dimensions but nothing with all dimensions the same.

the closest NGK is CY57 5287 but not 100% certain would work. They do not provide specs on distance from heat core nose to threads.
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Here's the Denso one maybe you'll get a better match.

Also does your OEM one have a manufacturer on it?


  • DENSO_Glow Plug Catalogue.pdf
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And Bosch -by dimensions starting on page 52


  • Bosch_Glow_Plugs.pdf
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Thanks for the additional resources.

The only markings I find on the original plugs are:
GP on one hex flat
OL3 on another
A52J 11v on another

Will look though the Denso & Bosch catalogs to see what I can find.
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The part number you mentioned in the first post comes up as a Mahindra part that's absurdly expensive for a glow plug: this one appears to be available -I'm assuming you're looking for something more reasonably priced?
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Yes, that is a ridiculous price for a glow plug. Watching my volt meter they get 12 Volts for xx seconds and shut off so should be just basic heating element. Going to keep snooping since it will start with two but misses for the first few seconds. Only need it if get heavier snow falls or for loader work so thankfully not a daily user.