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I would think that a whole range of plug sizes would work. It just needs to get a heating element in the chamber that seals and doesn't have an interference fit with the piston. So what if the heating element isn't the optimal size or have optimal depth placement -any heated point in the combustion chamber is going to help initiate ignition versus a non functional plug.

I purchased a 2 cylinder tractor one time which started/worked just fine -when I replaced the glow plugs as routine maintenance later on I was surprised to find 2 different plug sizes.

If it was my tractor I'd happily gamble eight or ten bucks on the closest NGK part number betting on better starting
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went to local Deere dealer on the chance they might have glow plugs in stock of similar size.

They had Deere Part number M87919 which is NGK Y702R. This shows fitting several models of Deere tractors and Gators.
they are approximately 8 mm shorter but have same 1 ohm resistance when measured with same meter at same temperature on my work bench.

the shorter height puts the body approx 1 thread from touching the head before the nose seats.
These worked on my tractor but strongly recommend you check fit on your tractor or engine.

As side note I did a search for Kubota BX2360 glow plugs and the picture I found with dimensions looked like would be an even closer dimensional interchange. Did not physically view one to verify the picture on line was accurate though.

appreciate all the help from the people that responded and hope this info may help someone in the future