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Chris, I have a Unihitch on my 16LA pin-on bucket. It ads a lot of length to the bucket and seriously effects breakout force. The part that attaches to your loader arms may be okay, but at $600+ it is very expensive. If I had it to do over again, instead of spending $250 on the bucket adapter portion of the Unihitch, and then having to buy four pins to attach it to my bucket, I'd just buy the weld-on plate and pay to have the bucket modified. My NH dealer told me he could get that done for $300 including the plate and I spent close to the same for the Unihitch. On the 7308, I think you'll need all the leverage you can get. 6" or 8" really does make a difference.
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Thanks for the note. I understand what you are saying about leverage it adds and the negative impact on the breakout force. I agree that is a cause for concern.

Does anyone have pricing on the ATI pin type setup or a link/contact info from a dealer?

Thanks again for all of the help. You all have helped me more than you realize.
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I took a look at the Uni-Hitch for the first time to see how it varied from the ATI Tach-All and I see quite a difference in length. I'm not sure of the UniHitch but the ATI adds a max of 2 3/4" I also wanted to say that the 2120 and the 1920 use the same loader. I have not noticed any difference in my 2120's performance since adding the ATI


ATI Tach-All

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<font color="blue">Does anyone have pricing on the ATI pin type setup or a link/contact info from a dealer? </font>
The last that I heard was about $250-300. That has been a while, but I am sure that it would still be the least expensive system.