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Sep 23, 2001
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Good morning,

I've searched for the answer to this question but may have missed it. My father has a 1920 with 7308 (I think) loader. Does anyone know if there is a quick attach option we can add to the loader frame and bucket? We are building some forks for it and removing the pins on the bucket takes a lot of time. We'd like to build the frame for some type of quick attach.

Thanks for any advice,
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If you are looking for ideas for a good quick hitch, and don't mind looking at a green color scheme, try this link for ideas. It was posted to show the hooks. No apology for the color /forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif
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Thanks for the post.

Actually, I have a Deere and we've considered purchasing the necessary parts to convert his loader/bucket to the Deere type quick attach. But, that will require some work just to get his current setup to quick attach. Then we'd have to deal with the forks. I was hoping NH had some type of option for this that we could just "bolt on", then we could fab the forks to work with that.

If there is no NH option, we may go the Deere route. Then he and I could interchange my forks and my boom blade.

Thanks again,
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If I remember correctly one of the regular New Holland dealers on Ebay had a quick attach for the 7308. I was not interested as with the low lift capacity of the loader already, it pushes everything forward and with the weight of the kit, it would really diminish the lift capacity.
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Ah, OK. I just searched for this and found it on ebay. I understand what you are saying about pushing everything forward. May not be worth it. We'll have to study it some.

Thanks for pointing it out to me.

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ATI has two types that will fit your tractor. You will have to down load their complete catalog to look at both. The Tach-All which is like a Bobcat quick attach is on page #12. The second style is a pin-type quick attach. The pin-type QA in on page #27. All of the models that both fit are on page 32. The catalog is a very small catalog and doesn't take long at all to down load. It has 36 pages. With the Tach-All type, you have to buy the tractor part plus a plate section for each attachment. With the pin-on type, you just need the tractor section. It uses the same pin holes for attachment that you use now. I have had the pin type for several years now and really like it. Any standard pin on bucket or attachment that was designed for you loader will fit it. ATI
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I have a DX33 Case IH with the L130 loader (same as the 7308). I purchased the Uni-Hitch from Kasco Mfg. Here is their web-site Kasco. I bought the quick-attach plate for the loader ($660) and the adapter plate for the bucket ($290). I also purchased their 42" pallet forks ($720) and like them all very much. These prices were given to me as retail, but I had these items added to my deal when I purchased the tractor. You may be able to get better pricing.

The quick-attach plate is a little heavy, and it does extend the bucket forward a little bit. I have the R4 tires (unloaded) and only use my 72" box blade for ballast. If I load my bucket (60" HD) heaping full of 73 stone, the rear tires want to float a little bit. The loader will only pick the bucket up about chest high as well. But I'm not loading trucks with it, just spreading it on my drive, so I'm happy with that.

I really can't tell you what the performance loss is because this is the only way I have used my tractor/loader (with the Uni-Hitch attached). Overall, like everyone else here, I love my machine very much.

Of course, in a perfect world we would just trade for a new tractor and loader with the factory quick-attach bucket system. But I'm not sure my better-half would approve that transaction /forums/images/graemlins/grin.gif.

Hope that helps,
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I forgot to mention that the price for the entire setup for the pin-on type is about what one adapter plate (or less) would cost for the skid steer type.
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I use an ATI setup on my 2120 loader. Have been using it for years and it works great.

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Hey guys,

Thanks for taking the time to point these options out to me. Dad and I will research the options closely this week. The ATI & uni-hitch setups look promising.

Thanks again!