Logging one of my homes

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Larry Caldwell

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Jun 30, 2010
Myrtle Creek, Oregon
Kubota l3130
My short story about burning. I burned one of the stumps from the logging operation. It took all of three days. About five days after the stump cooled down - a smoker about 60 feet away from the stump. One of the massive roots burned all the way out to the end. I kept an eye on that stump for an additional two weeks. Only that one root........
I had the same happen burning a black cottonwood stump. I managed to step through the surface crust wearing nothing but sandals. Talk about fire walking! I got my foot out of there fast without any serious burns, but I'm glad my other foot was well planted. I think I jumped about 3' in the air using one leg. I didn't realize the root was still on fire.