Looking at Bad Boy Tractors, thoughts?

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Hi All,

First post here (I tried searching this but could not find any post)

I am currently looking for my first compact tractor to do some work around my house and a couple of my rentals. I really like the Bad Boy tractor looks and functionality for the price! the company its self has a very good reputation and a dealer near me, I am looking at the 3000 series with either 26 hp or 35 hp models with a backhoe attachment. price new is 25K.

what does everyone think about the new tractors?
Don’t forget the trailer and vehicle 🚗 to haul her around. Just saying
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My LS dealer was also a Bad Boy dealer. I asked if he was going to carry the tractor line. He said he was actually going to drop the Bad Boy line because of the issues with warranty and support from the factory. I was surprised to hear this.
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Seems like it's easy to start a new line/brand. And equally hard to have longevity.

If buying a new brand of window cleaner I don't much care. Little different in regards to a major investment long term asset.
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I say it is much more important to evaluate your needs and desires very carefully. Over a decade ago I decided I needed a tractor, but knew very little about them. I did get advice to avoid "glorified lawnmowers" (super garden tractors and SCUTs). I also got advice to "go big or go home". I spent months researching before I finally bought a Kubota B2620. It has been a decent choice for my needs but probably wasn't the best choice. Mostly I like it a LOT, but here is what I didn't like about it after I got it home and used it for a while.
  1. Bucket is not quick attach (loader is, but it has never been off). I knew this going in and figured it wouldn't be an issue, since any front attachments are so expensive I was unlikely to buy them. I was wrong (not about the expensive part). After a decade I finally broke down and spent the money on a QA system, forks, grapple, and 3rd function. Yes, it was EXPENSIVE. Yes, I am glad I have them, probably more than I miss the money I spent on them.
  2. Tractor is narrow and has good ground clearance. This is both good and bad. Bad, because it makes the tractor tippy on side slopes, of which I have many. Wheel spacers for the rear will probably help. But, then my Grading Scraper will be too narrow. Luckily, I have two wider rear blades, so it will probably be okay. But, then it won't fit in the shed with all the other stuff, so I will need another shed. Maybe this will be the year I address the issue.
  3. 1/4 inching valve. Yes, it is better than a regular up/down valve, but control with it sucks. After more than a decade, ago can do it, but I hate it every time. There is no way to upgrade this to position control, but I have a plan to have a way to determine actual position. This, with some skill, should make it possible to set the 3PH height better.
  4. No remotes. That is reasonably easy to upgrade and I have started that process. Some tractors have a really nice design for it. Otherwise, it looks tacked on.
  5. 3PH turnbuckles. They are a pain to adjust. If you have a QH, probably not an issue. Was not an issue with just my grading scraper, but with my blades, it is. I bought a quick adjust set that should make this easier.

My point is that there are LOTS of little and not so little details that make one tractor much easier to use than another. If you only use one, you will never know, so you won't know what you are missing, at least until you spend enough time of tractor forums 😉
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I have a GC1720 25hp year 2017 and it work great no problems at all have almost 400hr on it now also very strong.
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My only input is I do like that the BB comes standard with the SSQA. And apparently third function hydraulics up front.
Watch for Kubotas FEL lift. Kubotas L3000 series front axles cannot handle the lift of the bucket. Wheel bearings blow up. Even when doing annual fluid changes to the front axle, gravel, dirt other heavy lifting and bye bye bearings. It's a problem that is out there if you google it.
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I would consider buying a used Kubota with service records before I'd buy one of those slick looking Bad Boys.

Suggest you also consider something larger than an L2501.

I started with a little Kubota BX-22TLB from a rental fleet and through some trades/sales now have an L3940 TLB.

I was spoiled, living 8 miles from my Kubota dealership. 2.5 days max for any part I ever needed.

Now I'm 20 miles from my new local Kubota dealership, but I'm not getting to know the Parts Manager.

After a pre-Covid, 5 month part back order on a Deere 4330 and then a 2 month delay for tooling, I gave up on green tractors.

Paying $6.85 for a small bolt to a Deere 420 because it's a British thread, just made me re-thread the part to 1/4-20 and sell the tractor, my last green one, ever.

That Bad Boy is calling you, fine looking .... like that lady at the end of the dimly lit bar with 2 ex-husbands.

Let us know about your success and maybe we'll get Bad Boys too!
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The last time I bought a new tractor [don't ask how long ago that was], I was looking at Deere and a MF. Both dealers brought my model out to my place for a test drive [which lasted a week]. I went with the MF [on price since they both impressed me equally]. I wonder if any dealers still do that kind of salesmanship. Can't hurt to ask.
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Thanks for posting this. TBH, I had never heard of Bad Boy Tractors. I looked it up and they are not available in Canada. They look sort of cool, but if I were buying, I would take the same money and buy a name brand tractor that is a couple of years old with lowish hours.
Plus I think I would get jokes from friends and family about being a bad boy or something, so that alone would be a strong deterrent. Good luck with your search.
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I have had mostly Allis Chalmers Tractors for 55 plus years. Everything from B, C WC, WD ,WD 45 WF 185 etc. When considering a new compact I want cab heat air radio the works. I checked several brands. I settled on a TYM 394 with front loader. I use it with a 7 foot finish mower, 6 foot tiller and snow removal. I love the tractor, good price, good visibilty comfortable to operate. 6 yr warranty.
I had two other people purchase TYM after seeing mine.