Looking to buy my first JD



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Aug 16, 2001
Southern Wisconsin, USA
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If you want it to last;any brand as long as it has a decent transmission(K58 and up in numbers).I am not brand loyal but my 16 year old JD(with a K66) is still very good.Going to give it too my son and going to buy a Simplicty Conquest.Take a long hard look at Simplicty,not cheap but will last a very long time.
Your Simplicity knowledge must be much different than mine, and several neighbors.
A good way to gain info on brands is to look at the prices of used.. they reflect long term durability over time.
And from what I see, Deere leads the field. Good or bad feelings/thoughts, the Deere holds its value and thus becomes a better investment.
Close friend likes Simplicity, and I shudder when he asks me to come over to get them running again. But he will buy another used one, because it is low cost (cheap). Last JD I bought used was 10 years ago, and it was 15 yr old at that time. Would sell today for the same money, and maybe more with this new inflated money.
And I have my father's JD 110 built in Horicon, WI JD plant in 1964.. tough old Deere.
Yanmar made some early compacts for Deere, but now only supply diesel engines.. which are top notch IMO.
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