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Jul 18, 2016
Fort Dodge, Iowa
PT 425
425 hours on my 2017 PT-425 and today the joystick assembly in front of the quick implement release lever broke out at the bottom protrusion. I lifted the bucket with nothing in it and it just continued to go up to it's max. Height but wouldn't come down. I looked underneath to see what was going on and saw a clean break in the underside module with a spring showing inside the casing. Pushing the joystick forward clearly shows the movement of the spring pushing downward. I guess I am screwed until they send me a new assembly casing. Anyone have any advice or experience in changing one of these bad boys out. Forgot how to put pictures in here so will try to post. Thanks in advance.
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There are some devoted PT owners on here, hopefully they stop in soon....
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The process is not that bad to replace the spool but the bigger issue is how on earth that happened.

I'd call Terry at pt describe the situation and ask to send him pics. Email is a bit cutting edge for the good folks at pt... So call, email pics and follow up call.

He'll be able to tell you what has to come off.

Alternatively, go ahead and remove the valve, take the joystick handle off, put the valve in a bag, in a box and get it on the way to Tazewell.

They're quick and fair.
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Looks like metal fatigue on the bottom of that device. Strange. I can honestly say that's the first one I've seen like that in the 19 years I've been talking to other folks with these machines.

A lot of folks already know about hydraulics and cleanliness, so pardon me if it comes across as talking down to someone. I'm not. I was in I.T. for several decades and the first thing we do when helping someone is start from the beginning, because we don't know what the person on the other end knows. . :)

Be sure to take pictures of the hose connections and label them all with something that won't wipe off with oil before you start disconnecting them. Makes life much easier on the reinstallation.

Also, clean the area really well before removing the hoses and maybe put a small baggie with a rubber band around each hose connection as they come off to keep the dirt out.

If you can't plug the hoses, try to keep them higher than the hydraulic tank. Use zip ties or string or wire, etc... We've had a few instances of an open hose falling below the level in the tank and draining some of the the tank on the ground overnight.

Good luck with the repair. It should go pretty well. :thumbsup:
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Any chance you kick that with your shoe when you get on?
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Sadly, you only need that cheap cover probably held on by two allen head bolts and easy to change. But it is doubtful they would stock just that part. If it is not warranty, then you would have to decide to put the new valve assembly on the shelf for someday and just take that cover/spring off.