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May 9, 2018
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Hello, I am currently looking on buying a tractor to do some work around the house and farm. Anybody using the McCormick x1.35, just curious on the review, are they reliable any thing that I would need to know. I look at the spec and it is big enough for what I need and it fit in the budjet.
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It's a brand that hasn't taken off and I would be very afraid of trying to find parts for it down the road. If you have a dealer, or you know of a good reliable source for parts and you can do the work yourself, then it might be OK if you could get it for a very good price.
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Thanks. It's a big decision when there is not to many review. The dealer said it has a capacity on the fel of 2360lbs. Its a lot for a 35hp. To get anything close to that i would have to up in hp and price in all other brand.
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I'm currently looking to trade my CK4010 HST in on a McCormick X1.35H. I love my Kioti and the 6 year warranty but the tractor is just not heavy enough for the steep hills I have. My Kioti dealer is also a McCormick dealer. I was originally going to trade up for a DK10 series but they're a lot more money and the HST transmission will not be available until late fall of 2018. Dealer stated the McCormick with all options would be equal to a Kioti NX series by comparison with exception of HP. More FEL and 3pt lift capacity and 1500 lbs heavier.

Still debating and would like to hear more info on McCormick tractors, not much info on internet. I don't like the fact that the McCormick has a 2 year warranty when I have a 6 year warranty for my Kioti.
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I need a tractor to move square bale of hay for the 2 horse i have home. Its a big decision and want to make sure i buy the right one for the job. The last thing i need is have to upgrade to bigger if the one i buy does not do the job. I figure if it can move the hay, the rest is going to be fine ( snow removal, pushing manure and cleane arround the land). The McCormick dealer told me to go pick the tractor up when i get my next load of hay to try it and the mahindra dealer told me the same thing. For sure in two week, when i get the hay, i will have both at my house to try out. But like you said. There is a difference in price. About 18$ per week. 18$ per week does地 seem much dut on 15 years it add up to close to 14000$
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Made the decision today to trade my Kioti CK4010 HST for the McCormick X1.35H. Will be a couple of weeks for the deal to be completed as the dealer has to order a 3rd function valve for the X1.35 so I can use my Grapple. Will provide an update once I have the tractor and use it.
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McCormick tractors look to be sourced through Kukje otherwise known as Branson Tractors to the west. The model X1.35H looks to be the identical twin to the Branson 3520H, which by the way all branson tractors have a 6 year powertrain warranty that you most likely won't ever need. I'm interested in the McCormick loader, looks to have a bit higher capacity than the branson loader @ 2100 lbs.

edit> the McCormick 160C loader is listed to have a lift capacity of 1389 lbs. This is per their latest brochure here:

Not necessarily a bad thing, the branson loader has more than enough lift capacity to get you in trouble without enough ballast.
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Just a point of clarification or two.... The 1389 lb rating on the 160C loader is 19.5" out in front of the pivot pins which would be in the general area of the edge of the bucket or in the middle of the forks if a pallet fork were on it. I'm not sure why they chose to publish the rating that way whereas most manufacturers rate it at the pivot pins which would be a higher figure (2400 lbs or so). They also chose to rate it at full loader height instead of at 59" or so like most people do. I know of several people who have these tractors and they are lifting in excess of 2500 lbs with the X1.35 and 160C loader.

I know one guy who lifted a pallet full of bricks off a trailer with one and when he did the math he found out he was lifting somewhere in the neighborhood of 2800 lbs with a McCormick X1.35 with 160C loader. Just my two cents, but please make sure to look at the details of where the rating comes from when making a comparison. From my experience this McCormick with the Quicke built 160C loader has the highest lift capacity of any 35 hp tractor on the market that I'm aware of.
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Looked at one a couple weeks ago at a long time kubota dealer , was impressed with build . definetly looked heavy.