McCormick X1.35 Review

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Just a point of clarification or two.... The 1389 lb rating on the 160C loader is 19.5" out in front of the pivot pins which would be in the general area of the edge of the bucket or in the middle of the forks if a pallet fork were on it. I'm not sure why they chose to publish the rating that way whereas most manufacturers rate it at the pivot pins which would be a higher figure (2400 lbs or so). They also chose to rate it at full loader height instead of at 59" or so like most people do. I know of several people who have these tractors and they are lifting in excess of 2500 lbs with the X1.35 and 160C loader.

I know one guy who lifted a pallet full of bricks off a trailer with one and when he did the math he found out he was lifting somewhere in the neighborhood of 2800 lbs with a McCormick X1.35 with 160C loader. Just my two cents, but please make sure to look at the details of where the rating comes from when making a comparison. From my experience this McCormick with the Quicke built 160C loader has the highest lift capacity of any 35 hp tractor on the market that I'm aware of.

Those loader capacities are very impressive. From my research it does appear the McCormick has an Alo/Quicke loader whereas the Branson is an Ansung loader (Korean made). Both boast numbers more in the range of a 75hp utility tractor. Just advise operators to use caution and common sense when ballasting and moving heavy front loads.