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G'day termyte 14 .
To get the hydraulic adjustments spot on it would be necessary to replace ALL the moving parts in the hydraulic system being that wear in the control lever pivot is" Magnified " by the time it reaches the control valve so if you can get the Draft to function somewhere around the reference lines on the quadrant all will be good, example ,again Position control lever in the Transport position and the draft lever moved either up or down so that the implement starts to lift you should be able to go to the rear of the implement and gently lift and lower the Brushhog .

Bent control arm ! the control arm should be when looking along it,s length be straight or there abouts, I have in the past had this experience with a 178 Massey (same system ) could be worth looking at but start by trying the draft fiddle first.

Amount of thread protruding from both the Position and the Draft adusting screws, Generally When I look at them I see 3 to 4 threads clear of the locknuts ,Remember this is a quick reference only.
I feel you are nearly there .:dance1:
happy days.
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Ok, I haven't been back into the lift cover yet, just re-assessed everything and thought I'd post a few pictures. I have to get the draft control lever about half way between the upper reference mark and the full up position to get any response. Then the knurled nut is nearly bottomed out on to control arm. Got my phone up in the access hole to take pictures of the threads on the draft and position adjustments and there appear to be about 7 or 8 threads showing on the draft adjustment bolt and about 5 or 6 on the position control screw. I had taken pictures before I made any adjustments at all a couple months ago but they have been lost with a phone that decided to die. I'm pretty sure there were not this many threads showing though. When I made my last adjustment, I did not loosen everything before making the adjustments. Could that be a problem? Also, would it help if during the adjustments, I set the draft control lever more toward the down position rather than between the marks? Just trying to offset some wear I'm thinking. As a recap though, I have replaced the rollers on the rods attached to the draft and position control lever shafts. I also replaced the pin that the cams pivot on. Here are a couple pictures for reference.

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G'day termyte14.
May I suggest that you remove the lift cover and go through the readjustment Procedure as per the Service Manual you are using otherwise I feel you could be wasting your time, when ALL lift cover adjustments have been completed ,replace the cover and COMPLETE the outstanding adjustments again as per your Service Manual you will find that when this is done the hydraulic system will operate as intended.;)
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Great news!!! I think we have success with the hydraulics! I slacked up all the adjustments and started over from scratch. I put the fish scales away and rigged up a pulley and weight system to apply the 3 pounds of force (I forgot to take a picture but it wasn't pretty). I finally got the knurled screw to have some effect on the adjustments, this had not happen with my previous tries. Got everything put back together and hooked up to the bush hog. The hydraulics now lift the bush hog with an extra 250 pounds standing on the back. I can't thank you all enough for your help. I have learned a lot about the tractor in the process.

Now on to the next fix. There is a leak on the steering column near the top, right up under the dash.

Thanks again for all your help!!!
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Great information in this posting. Newbie to the forum here. Working on a similar 135 (1968-year model) to replace cylinder and piston. Don't have a manual at this time but believe that I understand the adjustment process for the draft spring and the draft control lever. Could someone help me understand how to set up the position control adjustment while I have the lift cover removed?