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You put it on the bearing surfaces, under the caps. The residue you see outside the caps is just squeezed out as the cap bolts are tightened. It's also great for many other things too.

I guess it in no way interferes with the tightening forces?
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I guess it in no way interferes with the tightening forces?

No, because it's not trapped.

The tolerances between the bearing surface and crankshaft journal are tight, typically 1.5 to 3 thousandths of an inch, but it's more than enough room to allow excess white grease to escape, while leaving a sufficient amount behind to lubricate them until the engine's lubrication system establishes good oil flow and pressure.

When assembling engines, I've used Lubriplate #105 exclusively for more than 25 years and never had a problem.
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Thanks Gale. MasseyWV had a great description of the Lubriplate #105 that was used during assembly. Another advantage is the assembly grease will stay in place indefinitely unlike using engine oil, so if there is a delay in getting the engine going the crankshaft will still have proper lubrication on initial startup. I also literaly dipped the piston assembly in a bucket of oil before installing in the bores and put the new oil pump in the same oil and primed it before install.
What/why is the stuff around the rod caps that looks like white grease in the photo to me.

Again you do good work and thanks for continuing to take the photos and post them.
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More progress

Head was milled and got all new valves

Head gasket is different from the original copper, the small amount of copper it does have goes to the top

Torqued to 20 then 42 then 60 ft lb

Glad to have it off the engine stand ready for trans adapter and clutch
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Butcher, I've been following this post and I have to say congrats and it is looking GREAT
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Your not going to write a book too are you? :laughing::laughing: or start a fan club.
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Looks great. :thumbsup:
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Heck NO, My second Perkins rebuild and certainly not a expert by any means. The first Perkins was in 1980 on a much larger MF, something like a 1150 (guessing model, really don't remember) with duel tires, cab and dash mounted transmisson shifters that locked up all the time. That rebuild was part a apprentice mechanic program and at least 4 others were in on the rebuild. About all I remember is freezing the liners before install.
Your not going to write a book too are you? :laughing::laughing: or start a fan club.
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I appreciate all the complements, crossing my fingers that it is all done right and runs like it should. Should make smoke soon.

I have been thinking about the break in process. I know there is LOTS of opinions on how to do it. I've had luck with no idle and basically run it like you stole it. My problem is I don't have any equipment yet to really work this tractor hard, only have a 8ft landscape rake and 7ft blade. Been searching for a 3 point shredder used with no luck yet.