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Feb 7, 2005
Why hasn't anyone just welded a mini-skid universal plate to the stock pt plate on the machine, changed the hydraulic couplers over to the mini skid steer type and simply buy mini skid attachments instead of using PT attachments that are somewhat higher priced?

I think this would be the way to go and would save a bunch of money in the long run. Let's face it, it isn't that difficult to get off the machine to move two spring loaded levers. More than likely, you have to get off anyway to attach the hydraulic hose......anyway, just a thought.
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I think most of us consider that when looking at attachments. My mini hoe was designed for a skid steer, for example.

PT's attachments are not priced high compared to many vendors.

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Good question -

Maybe it's because mini-skid steer stuff is only now starting to be kinda common. I've never seen any of it on my local Craigslist, so I've just gone with the PT factory stuff or made it myself.

If I decide I need something new, I may look at adapting MSS attachments.
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What is a mini skid steer attachment plate? I didnt know they made a smaller version of the standard one. :confused:
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Every blue moon I see a hydraulic attachement for sale without a tractor attached. That said, I think only the 1850 / 1445 can power the bobcat lineup, so you would have to look around for something like a Dingo attachment...
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All (or most) mini skids have universal attachment plate.
Boxer, Gehl, Dingo, Ditchwitch, Kanga, etc. There are more, I cannot think of them now. And there is a large variety of attachments available.
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To do this wouldn't you have to fabricate an adapter to go from PT attachment (female) to Skid Steer tractor plate (male)?
I don't have any experience with bobcats so I'm not familiar with the attachment plate on the tractor.
Would a PT attachment plate (male) fit a Universal attachment plate (female)?

This is a very interesting concept
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I looked at used mini-skid attachments several times. Overall, they're not a good match for the size and speds of the PoweTrac lineup.

For example, their buckets are typically 36" to 40" -- not as wide as the PT's tread. The mini-skids don't have the lift capacity of the 400-series PTs either, so some of the attachments are "under-spec'ed" as well.

One attachment that I have watched sell on eBay several times is the PHD, since the mini-skid one uses standard augers. That attachment would seem to be a good candidate for conversion.

I think the mini-skid attachments may be better-made and higher quality, overall, because they're truly meant for commercial use -- it's just that they're a bit too small overall...

My 2 cents...
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i just weld an attachment plate to the skid steer plate.


I was thinking of an adptor so you could use any skid steer attachment, not just one.

I priced a Bobcat tractor side mounting plate. It was $450, sitting on the pallet.
Now how much was that PT plate?