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Sep 15, 2013
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I don't know if anyone else has had this problem but when I pull my finish mower the driveshaft will sometimes contact the cross member on my quick hitch. The arms on the mower float and if I try to set the 3 point to the center of the float with it level it will hit on a dip. If I set it to the highest point of the float the mower lifts and leaves a spot of uncut grass. Been meaning to do something about it and finally got around to it yesterday.

I just cut a section and reshaped the center so it's half as thick as it was. Should give me more room for the mower arms to float without hitting the shaft or lifting the mower.




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The real issue is the finish mower pins are too low. I could have, and may still raise those. I will see how well this works next year.
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I did the same thing on my quick hitch for the same reasons. Now my quick hitch bends in that area when I work with heavy implements. It's not hard to pull everything back into place with a jackall between the two lower hooks but I need to reinforce that area at some point in time.
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I wouldn't have thought it would weaken it much if any. The metal I used to fill the center was a little heavier gauge than the metal in the hitch.

I guess time will tell.
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Nice looking modification,,!!

I have used finish mowers with a quick hitch, and Pat's hitch,,

IMHO, the problem of the mower lifting when using the quick hitch has more to do with the arms that run from the top of the hitch connection to the back of the mower.

If the arms are rigid, they need to be converted to some hinged configuration, or eliminated.

If your mod is not adequate,, get a set of Pat's quick hitch,,
that would be WAY cheaper than replacing PTO shafts,,,

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I went out with a homemade single point plow and ripped some roots. Didn't see any signs of weakness.

The finish mower arms are hinged and float up and down 8 to 10 inches. The interference problem is because the mount is right on top of the deck so it's too low. I could almost get away with setting the 3 point at mid way of the float travel so I'm pretty sure the mod will be all I need.
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Similar issue on my Peruzzo flail. If I leave the toplink in float & the 3pt lifts the PTO shaft can rub. Thought about a similar solution myself. I tend to run heavy gear, so am rather concerned about strength.