Momma/accountant sez to get a Top-n-tilt!

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Jan 21, 2018
Kubota L3130 HST
Yep, it's no big hurry. Project is for next season most likely.
But I will have some use for it after hunting season down at the club.
Around Jan or Feb.
Local Mahindra dealers won't do it. Called Hydraulics Depot and they said they could install it but I'll hafta get the parts.
So now I'm tryin to figure out which rig I need on Brian's site. Thanks! :cool:

ETA- I can take a coupla pics of what's there. Looks like it'll be a good while anyways..
Just don't do what I did. I started to do it a 2-3 years ago did some research, got busy and dropped it.
Then last September I got serious about it was going to have Mtnview do it but I didn't want to wait 20 wks so I was going to do it myself, spent more time on research, got busy and now a year later I need to do it before the next job comes, and Mtnview is 30wks.
Had I just ordered it last year when he quoted me It would've done been done!
So my recommendation put your order in with Brian now. I doubt his list isn't getting shorter.

I've got most of my parts ordered and some parts won't be in for a few months so I ordered a couple others for temporary use in order to get up and going now. Cash out of pocket I may come out a little less. But if I calculated the time alone spent on research and shopping parts, It's way way over! That don't count time it will take to put the parts together that Brian does, welding the cylinders for the right size, making up hoses to fit from valves to qd's, making brackets, painting cylinders and valves, etc.

In case you didn't get my point, ordering it from Brian now is a whole lot easier! and I'm fairly decent at put'n stuff together.
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Aug 17, 2008
Thanks much for the info fellas.. I'm sure it'd be a great thing to have if I was more serious about my tractor work and did more of it.

But at the quoted price ($2700) I'll just hafta get my butt off the thing and adjust it the old fashioned way. No biggie.
Might try havin a coupla extra side links around set at different lengths. Mebbe the same with the top link.

I'll pay "x" amount for my laziness. And "x" was very much exceeded.

I ain't doin this on a big farm nor tryin to make a livin. Just playin in the dirt till time to go play in the woods. :cool:

Apologies for takin up y'all's time.
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Jul 21, 2012
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I have extra top links for using tiller/flail with or w/o PEC on the draft arms depending on which tractor one's moved to. No big length adjustments, just selecting one for each application and maybe a tweak when checking that the lock-nut is secure.

Two CUTs have hand-crank leveling boxes (~$120?) on the right lift link. I count handle turns CW or CCW to tweak during a job. On the one that doesn't have that I set to ~level with the middle hole on the RT lift link. When grading I move to top or bottom hole for a quick tilt in either direction, not much more to do than say moving top link up or down at it's anchor.

I wouldn't hesitate to have Fit Rite supply any/all my components (y) just might not want to add everything they offer esp all at once. Lead time could be used to save up for any gotta haves if the luxury bits aren't as much immediate necessity as nice to have. I'd have trouble deciding which machine to 'deluxe' up to top level.

btw, alternately, nearly $3k might buy a nice grapple and FEL diverter 'kit', chipper, splitter, stump grinder, blower, generator, etc I might not need T & T in tough times or emergencies, and for me climbing on/off to use/adjust is good exercise. That besides checking fluids & tire pressures or greasing a FEL between which tasks I get comparatively a lot of seat time for my legs & butt to go to sleep mid-job. (old age, lo BP lol)