Monkey Wards 8Hp 5Spd rear tine

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Recoil rope is good, been to busy doing landscaping and getting the garden put in to work on it, the old Firestone 5hp front tine has been doing what I want the rear time for.
I did clean p the flywheel, coil and points as well as change the plug to the one from the Firestone tiller and still have nothing.
Planning on tearing into it once I finish the unplanned fencing upgrade and finish building the storage cabinate for our kitchen unless yet another project comes up
Check the magnet in the flywheel to insure it is still good. Use a screw driver and insure the magnet grabs the screw driver. Use sand paper to clean the magnet area. Don’t get to abrasive with the sand paper you want to clean not polish. Then install the electronic ignition. Take the plug out and spin the engine by hand passing the magnet under the electronic ignition while holding the spark plug wire you should get a slight jolt.

Reinstall the engine shroud containing the pull rope after determining the rope is not rotten and will break the second time you pull on it
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I don't get what the pics are. Some odd thing with yellow lights on the top. :LOL:

Did you clean the carb? Coils do go bad sitting around.

Monkey Wards store #1 is about 12 miles from me. It's more like a history site. And WARDS does run their online site from there.
The first Montgomery Wards retail store was in the town about 10 miles from me.
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The first Montgomery Wards retail store was in the town about 10 miles from me.
My Grandma used to work at the Montgomery Wards here in Rapids in the late 60' until about 73 or 74, she worked in the basement packaging orders for pick up and shipping.
Once and awhile I'd get to go along and wander the store for a couple hours and play on the lawn & Garden tractors on display and take rides in the freight elevator.
Funny thing is I don't remember anything but the basement, freight elevator, lawn & garden dept, the building itself and it's 3 story fire escape I couldn't get onto, I don't remember any other depts
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I had time to work on the Wards Tiller today, I pulled the coil off and cleaned it up, reinstalled it, had weak spark so I changed to a known good sparkplug and hooked up my B&D electric starter and after a minute or so it had good spark.
I put the plug in and pored a little gas down the carb and it fired once, the sediment bowl leaked so I made a new gasket but of course the fuel line leaked, wife went and bought some fuel line and no more leaks
Pulled the trigger on the starter and away it went, runs good for something that sat unused for years
Drove around to the garage to air up the tires a little which appears I can get by with for now, transmission works, tine gearbox works, will need 2 belts before it does any serious work along with changing all the fluids.
Was going to try it in the garden but someone had the sprinkler going(me), I shut it off for a few minutes and 1 pull and it started right up, I'll see how it is after sitting for a few da
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