most likely a controversial mod.

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I use my seatbelt when I perceive a risk of rollover. It doesn't hurt or hinder operation and the last thing you want is ejection in a rollover.
This week I'll be mowing a new field. It's hilly with 2-3 ft of weeds, grass, and brush. You can bet I will be strapped in and packing for rattlesnakes. Protection is good (y)
I added a hard plate of aluminum to my ROPS.


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As far as the ROPS mod, the best ROPS is the one that you actually use.

Keep in mind that ROPS doesn't mean tumble protection. The design isn't to have the tractor rolling several times down a hill, or having it landing upside-down.

In general the ROPS is designed that if the tractor flops on its side, then it wont actually roll over.

I just bought a Landini. The ROPS is near the mid point of the tractor, in front of the operator. Unloaded, the engine is likely a bit heavier than the rear end, but that could change with an implement. Anyway, it makes me a bit squeamish without having the ROPS around my head, but I have to remind myself that the design is to make it simply flop over rather than rolling.

Anyway, that is the reason why the ROPS is always much higher than an operator's head. And, taking 6" off of the top of the ROPS could actually make a difference in its ability to protect from a complete roll over.

Would I make the OP's revision? I might if there was no choice between a shorter ROPS and no ROPS. Or if putting it up and down was terribly inconvenient, and I was operating the tractor in an unsafe fashion with the ROPS down.

As far as the Landini, I'm considering whether I want to keep the forward ROPS, or build it into a crude roll cage.