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Jan 13, 2011
SW Michigan
John Deere 2320
Just in case anyone has been thinking about a vertical mower deck stand, I just noticed Harbor Freight has a coupon for 10" pneumatic wheels/tires for $3.99 each. These are the perfect size for the JD 62D deck and they may work for others. Just to review the plan - 1/2 inch pipe works for the stand axles. It has a 0.622" inner diameter so it doesn't take much work to get a 5/8" rod inside the pipe. The wheels are made for 5/8" axles. I made mine with pipe sections about 18 inches long, but that's a little big. 12" might be long enough.

A good winter afternoon project - takes less than an hour once you have the parts.
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That sounds interesting would like to see drawings or pictures.
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Here are a couple of pictures. Vertical storage saves space and makes cleaning and service much easier.


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I found the ad, 10" Pneumatic Tire, but I don't see the discount coupon.

It's in the January monthly sale flyer that I got in the mail. For some reason they still have the December monthly ad on the website. When they get it updated, it should be in the monthly ad.
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Thank you! Either way, the tire/wheel combo is a good price @ $9.99 :thumbsup:

I just noticed that the Jan flyer is now on the website. But, when clicking on the wheel combo this comes up... "This item is currently not available for display". Perhaps they are getting ready to update the flier/website. I'll keep checking the website.
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I just checked my "paper" flyer (anybody remember that stuff?). Apparently I have a different monthly flyer than the web version that includes coupons. I guess I get this because of previous orders because I haven't joined their club. I think the coupon would work for anyone though. The tire is Item 30900 and the coupon number is 65073711. The price is $3.99 and there is a limit of 9 tires. Good luck!

Note: there is also a 10" solid rubber tire in the flyer (no coupon) Item 35459 for $6.99.
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KennyG: Right you are ...just use coupon no 65073711 and $3.99 it is !
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