MT345HE vs MT 342H

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Oct 26, 2022
Ls Mt345he
I'm about to make a purchase on an LS. My requirements are that it have some weight to it, above 3500 lbs, and have an FEL capacity above 2k lbs. I'll be doing mostly bucket work, grading with a box, and plowing snow. I've run smaller tractors quite a bit for these tasks, and I always wish I was using a heavier tractor. HP isn't something I'm concerned about.

I've narrowed it down to either an MT345HE or an MT342H. I mainly would like to hear what anyone knows about the basic differences between these two are. I know the 342h has a little more FEL capacity, weighs a little more, has some more creature comforts standard, and has remotes in the rear standard. Is there a big difference in the build of these two tractors though. Does the 345HE have a significantly lighter frame? Less durable transmission/axles?