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Jul 5, 2005
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Will be adding to my tool inventory.. Any advice on must have tools you guys have found need for .. Specif size, curved and or specialty size wrench's for in your PT garage.. As in removing motors, pumps hose's etc. Best place to order them online. I'm sure I'll need them eventually..

Thanks for our input..
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FWIW I buy a lot of goody boxes at auctions that have tools in them and have got drawers full of them and a lot of name brand ones too. for specialty tools such as curved or twisted wrenchs I pull one of the no name ones out of the tool box and clamp it in the vise and bend it the way I want for the job I need to do.
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Great idea of bending cheap wrenches never thought of that ...:cool:
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Modifying cheap sockets and extensions makes special tools too, at a fraction of the cost.
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I changed the fuel filter on my tractor last week and had a senior moment and didn't bleed the air out of it. I didn't want to pull the hood to get to the injector lines and I took an 11/16 cut a notch out of the box big enough to pass the injector line thru and bent it to the right about an inch down and inch right. it fit perfect between the manifold ports to loosen the injectors and tighten them. the wrench went into the tractor tool box
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Nice ... :thumbsup:
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>>>> Modifying cheap sockets and extensions makes special tools too, at a fraction of the cost. <<<<

Some useful ideas here .. :thumbsup:
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Make life easy.
Get an electric impact wrench with 1/2" drive, sure air is best but that wants a hefty compressor with lots of CFM's.
(Just got one on sale for $50.00, Father day special)
Then shop garage sales and flea markets for sockets.
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You need the wrench that fits the nut under the center pivot joint. It needs to be tightened periodically. Can't remember the size off-hand, but its a MUST, MUST!! (double must). :)
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Big wrench for the Jesus nut, Strap Wrench for the oil filter, I have Crows Feet and angled wrench set. Large Wrench set (you are going to need big sizes as well as small). Big can be US but the Smalls you need both Domestic and Metric

Wrench Sets |

Crowfoot Socket Wrenches - Sockets and Bits - Grainger Industrial Supply

As noted as well, get an impact wrench, and get an extender.

Speaking of extenders, get a breaker bar. and then go buy a pipe to go over your breaker bar and extend it. Get a pipe that can go over a number of tools to get more extension.

PT has two issues, either the guy who put it together didn't tighten it enough or they over tightened it. Either way, loose loose for you.