My first John Deere

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What does this response mean?
There's always at least one in the crowd. Only their stuff is the best.

Anyway, nice tractor CTC. I always liked those model Deere's.
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Had it parked under my lean-to and guess what…
Yep, the front windshield is shattered into a million pieces.
I didn’t see how or when it happened.
Looks like a new one from the dealer is about $750 and an aftermarket window is about $300.
Then I’ll have to get someone to install it.
The old one hasn’t fallen out yet probably because of the window tint. 🤦‍♂️
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Bummer, it’s weird how sometimes they almost seem to break on their own. My guess is a chip that took off.
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Sorry to hear that. I'd be unable to sleep at night, wondering what caused it to break.
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I did do some mowing near it with my zero turn. I probably threw a rock.
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Have had a 3033r for four years now. Does a great job on our property.
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I did do some mowing near it with my zero turn. I probably threw a rock.
That makes sense. I have a white three rail vinyl fence along my gravel driveway, and there are holes in the railing from rocks flying up from my zero turn. The rocks where going fast enough to go entirely through the railing!!!
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Finding a new windshield is getting difficult. The aftermarket windshield from A & I Products is backordered until mid June. None of their online dealers has one in stock.

I called my local John Deere dealer and they said the closest he shows one is in Illinois. I will call him back tomorrow and ask him to see if he can get it from that dealer, or another dealer that has one in stock.

The John Deere windshield is listed at $760, and the A & I is listed at $300 plus $150 for shipping from one dealer.

I don't use this tractor much, but I can't really use it without a windshield.
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Thanks for the update. I'm new to cab tractors and I'm terrified of breaking my glass. I'm pretty sure it's just a matter of when, so it's interesting to read what you're going through to replace your glass, even though I have a different brand of tractor.
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The previous owner says she has a belly mower for it, but she is not sure where it is, or what shape it’s in. Apparently her husband died a couple years ago and her land sold quickly. In the rush to move out, some things got lost.
I told her if she finds it, I would probably take it off her hands.
I really don’t need it because I have my 74” Trimax already on the 3 point.
I mowed about 2 acres this morning with it, and the AC is really nice. My grass didn’t really need mowing because we are so dry.
It is a little difficult to see things with the very dark tint.
And there are a few areas that I will still need to get with my zero turn.
I might go mow my neighbors yard just to show off.
I have a few attachment that I will use on it on jobs. Such as a tiller, verticutter, and UniRake.

Apologies for the thread drift, but I was just looking at Trimax and I'm curious what you think of it? I mow quite a bit with a ZT and would like something to cover the more open areas with my tractor or am I overcomplicating things?