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Apologies for the thread drift, but I was just looking at Trimax and I'm curious what you think of it? I mow quite a bit with a ZT and would like something to cover the more open areas with my tractor or am I overcomplicating things?
A Trimax mower is probably the best mower you can buy. They are extremely well built and easy to work on. Very easy to change cutting height, easy to change blades, and give a very fine quality of cut. The cut quality is very similar to a reel mower.

There are some cheaper mowers available, but you won't find better quality.
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Thanks for the update. I'm new to cab tractors and I'm terrified of breaking my glass. I'm pretty sure it's just a matter of when, so it's interesting to read what you're going through to replace your glass, even though I have a different brand of tractor.
This is one of my other tractors loaded for a 100 mile trip to a job tomorrow morning. I always put the windshield protector on when I trailer any of my tractors.
I’ve had to replace 2 windshields on my Kubotas before I got the protectors.
None since I got them.
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My local John Deere dealer found me an aftermarket windshield at another dealer in Arkansas. It just so happens that I have some friends who are fishing up in North Arkansas, and they will swing by the dealer and pick it up for me.

My cost for this glass is about $330. If it makes it back to me in one piece, this will save me about $700 compared to having a John Deere glass shipped from another dealer. This will cost me a case of beer, but that's better than $1000 or having to wait until June.
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Just for reference i broke the glass door on one of my Gators probably 7 years ago. The glass door alone was $850 plus a new door seal about $50. $900 dollars because of a rock from the mower. All the glass ended up on the ground so the shop vac took care of that.
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Got the new windshield installed yesterday. It took 2 men about 3 hours to install it. They had to raise the roof of the cab. They only charged me $200 so I feel like I got lucky.
About $330 for the glass, $200 to install and a case of beer for the shipping.


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Who do you call to install it? I was thinking that it was a DIY project that you could do by yourself.
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Who do you call to install it? I was thinking that it was a DIY project that you could do by yourself.
Just a local auto glass shop. It took these 2 experienced guys 3 hours. It would have taken me probably a full day or more. And who knows what kind of job I would have done.

And, they have tools to handle the glass, like little suction cups to hold and handle it. I would probably have dropped it and broken it again.

I think it was well worth the $200.
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I agree, that's a great price to have pros come out and do it. I wouldn't of thought of that. My fear is that it will happen to me one of these days, and I wont know who to call or what to do.